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Say Bye To SEO Baba's-Stop Believing These SEO Lies Right Now.

Aww! We can make lot of money from the internet!!This pushes a lot of computer lovers and gamers into the blogging, and I am into this for the same as well.Yeah, it’s completely true, blogging is one of the better options to make money to flow into your bank accounts while you sleep. But wait, we are into the game without even knowing the root basics such as “how to write blog posts,” “How they get indexed” etc., etc.Ok, it’s all over now, you entered the blogging and started a new website as per your interests and skills.
SEO lies

Away from the article, to be frank, I blog for money and in return, I was awarded knowledge too. I know Money can’t buy happiness and knowledge. But you can gain knowledge by earning money which is possible from blogging! Nailed? Right.

Back to the article, there are experts and gurus in every field such as a mentor who always guides us the right path. And it’s same with the blogging too. There are numbers of experts and gurus in the field of blogging. Someone can deserve the name of pro blogger by his/her SEO knowledge.BDW what we do is, we just contact some of the self-proclaimed SEO baba’s(who names themselves as pro bloggers)  on some social networks asking him or her to help us out. Right?

Here are the some of the wired answers for my queries from the bloggers who pretends as pros:

  • Grab the EBook from my site which just costs some $70.
  • Grab my link building guide to make your event successful and it’s just $100.
  • Grab the book which helps you to make $5000/month for $200.

I know you may come across such kind of wired answers, and some just pass away by saying some small fucking tips such as “don’t buy links, you will be penalized.” To avoid penalty from Google, just hire me for some $$$” This is how they make money from some of the pathetic people who pass by. The game is like “they are just pasting the trademarks of international brands over the scrap”. We already know that the SEO articles and some shit etc. is same in many of blogs and the people who experiment over the real world can call it as rubbish content.

OK, I think you may be feeling something shit as you have read a long way without a break (Just Kidding). So I don’t  want to waste much of your time, and the theme of this post is to make you aware of basic SEO tips and SEO babas.Here the top SEO lies which may be experienced by all, along with me. This is also a guide for the self-proclaimed Pro’s to make a huge $$$(Loll, I want to end your activities with this blog post). Just have a look at them and I am sure this article is going to be an eye-opening one for many of the bloggers out there. Here are the top 10 SEO lies which we heard frequently.

1. Are you buying links? Then I am sure you will be penalized.

I want to share one of my recent experience.I started my first event blog (mother’s day event) in the month of February. I was succeeded in spamming a bit (I just made 500 backlinks) with some 10-15 articles. I didn’t work on it further due to my SEM examinations.Ok, coming to the point…I already followed many guides regarding on events and they are awesome. Some of the people suggested me not to buy links as they can be detected by the Google, which results in a penalty.

I had a complete proof which supports buying of links.yeah, you heard it right. The priority for the links is not decreased and remember link building is the most important one in ranking a site. There are some SEO agencies which just pay off some large sites and editors to get their link dropped in the content, and this is the way they use it for the client websites. Moreover, they just design an awesome book cover such as “Never buy links from other sites” and release it for some $$$.Guys just remember Google will penalize you if you get identified.

Actionable tip:

 Just use some common sense while spamming and buying links and I am sure you are going to rank. Never concentrate on the number of backlinks, just keep your brain on increasing the number of root domains.

2. You will rank with social signals:

Hell yeah! I saw it somewhere while browsing.Yes, Social signals play a crucial role in recent Google algorithms, and I agree for that. They just say the Google about the popularity of the content. That’s it. I came to know that some of us are spending a lot of money for buying social shares which are nicknamed as fake likes, fake shares, etc. to rank their content.Buddy, I am sure you won’t rank your worthless content with just some thousand of social shares. Buying social shares for a large amount is like purchasing a Mobile without a battery (Just saying).such shares useless.

Actionable tip: 

Just write content which is worth with good catchy titles. Share on the possible social networks with a #hashtag in the even times (mostly the evening times as social engagement is somewhat good at that time).Catchy titles work in getting you a good number of social shares and it’s just a sign of good content.

3. Guest Posting is Dead

It’s one the greatest blogging joke. Some babas are just writing in their EBooks about the effects of guest blogging. Guest blogging creates a great opportunity to create new relations with Pro bloggers. I recently made my guest post on Shiwangi mam’s blog, and she just links to my blog from the content.Click here to view my article.Pensitdown(Shiwangi’s blog)is a blog where she writes about tech updates and SEO archives and the strategy is same for backbench ideas too. This is nothing but called as a relevant back link. Just think off, a guy written a post with perfect on page SEO and all about Sunny Leone and posted it on some adult site (which had good metrics) as a guest post and got linked to his tech site naturally.

It’s like ordering an iPhone for Rs.100 from some Porn site; the sentence is completely irrelevant.How can Google algorithms digest this kind of links? Just think! Have a look at the below image as it says everything.
Visitor's comment

Actionable tip:

 Just Do guest posts on your niche blogs and you will be benefited from those links. One more thing, Links with in the content are more powerful than the author links.

4. Content should help me more than 500 words:

I had a big laugh on my face.” Content is king”-It’s a famous SEO quote which appears on many of the blogs, and there is nothing wrong in it. I have a straight question for you, did only the sites which publish the articles with 2000+ are only ranked? Wait, don’t let you brain to go away somewhere. Lengthy content ranks well, and worthless thin content gets penalized, and I agree with this. But I want to write an article on “Hack vault android app” which doesn’t take more than 700 words. How can I prolong this to 2000 words with some rubbish? Never write the content by keeping some certain number of words as a boundary. You just go on meaningfully. By the way “hack vault app” is ranking on the #1 page with 700 words. It doesn’t mean that thin content ranks. The article must be good and meaning full and never add rubbish to make your content length. If you think so, just go through the rank brain update.

5. Publish a load of content frequently:

Yeah, it's one, the well said lie by the big pro bloggers (Self proclaimed Pro’s).Content is king, Sorry for making you bored by saying the sentence again and again. The word “post frequently “can’t help you in ranking a site. If you still believe, then I had a question for you. There are many sites (communities, quora, directories) which are frequently updated, and they are not ranked as well regarding the update of the site. If you had a lack of time for articles then just spend some time in updating your older articles. It’s better than posting rubbish frequently. The purpose of the sentence “content is king “is as follows:

If you published good content and get succeeded in exposing, then people will automatically increase your social signals, and you will be linked from various other similar niche blogs. You are automatically linked with a similar niche which helps in creating relevant backlinks, and it helps in increasing your DA too.Yes, the things which are necessary to rank a blog can be done with great content.


Domain authority-You must build backlinks to improve domain authority. Anyone can build spam links by using the comment box. Expired domains had a great DA most is due to their spam links, and I have seen many SEO baba’s speeches saying that to taken them into consideration (Hell with those). I hope you are not of that kind and here is the great guide to improve your domain authority. Well written Jyoti Sis (Awesome).

Final words:

Hello, I am not against any Pro as I am completely busy in my works. I came across several proclaimed Pro bloggers who just make money of our queries, and so I wrote this from my thoughts. Remember Guys; you can’t learn anything from that stuff. My humble request is just to start your work by experimenting yourselves and it works great.Here is my last experiment on ranking with the help of google drive.

Guys, this is not a satire over the community of the pro bloggers. These words are just for those who are pretending as pros and were making money from our queries.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Interview With Vashishtha Kapoor-Founder of vashishthakapoor.com

Well,we are back with suggestions of Pro bloggers. Today we have Vashishtha Kapoor (CEO at vashishthaKapoor.com)at Backbenchideas.Here is the interview of vashishtha kapoor,Have a look.
Interview With Vashishtha Kapoor

1. Let’s start with a formal question! Please introduce yourself to my blog readers?

Yeah, I am Vashishtha Kapoor a technology blogger and a digital marketer. I have a small
blog about digital marketing, growth hacking and wordpress where I write articles and
share videos made by myself.
Yes, It is vashishthakapoor.com
I live in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh with my parents and my younger brother. I like listening to
music and playing cricket with my brother. I am a good bowler actually.

2. Describe your initial days of blogging?

Initial days of blogging were the days I was learning things about blogging and web designing. I
struggled a lot for getting approved for an AdSense account and after getting it approved for
making some bucks from it.
In a few words, Initial days of blogging were very challenging.

3. Could you explain some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

The big strength I believe is that I am careless. I mostly don’t care for the results. I just do it and
later on learn from results/mistakes.
One more strength is my own trust in myself. I am strong to pocket the failures and learn from
them. I am never going to stop making efforts.

4. Blogging is a very time-consuming process that I am practically experiencing now. So, how do you manage your time effectively?

Yeah exactly. Blogging needs time and concentration from your side.
That’s why I have decided to sleep in the day hours and to work in the nights. Working in night
has many advantages and disadvantages.
One of the biggest advantages is “No Disturbance.” My mom will not ask me to do even a single
task because she is sleeping.

5. Tell me about your proudest achievement and a bit about your brand?

I started vashishthakapoor.com back in April 2015. It has been closely 1 year now that I have
been in the field of blogging.
The proudest achievement is when a reader of my blog inform me about the way my blog was
able to help him when he was in need thereof. For a blogger, 1000$ are less than the joy that
he was able to help someone through his blog.

6. What is your greatest achievement outside of blogging?

Outside of blogging I believe getting rid of a 9-6 job is the best one.

7. What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

In my opinion, if you feel like you have completed all the challenges, you are going to reverse
the stairs. And the challenges are not over yet. Taking challenges after another is good for
anyone because it motivates one to hustle much harder than he was hustling before.

8. What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?

Greatest failure was not making a good amount of coins even after having an approved google
adsense account. But figuring out why so I came to know that it is possible to make huge with
adsense if you have got a damn popular website with million page-views per month.
Still people are making good with less traffic but it did not work for me I guess.

9. Have you ever used black hat techniques!!If yes list some of the tools or methods which youhad used?

Yes, In the SEO firm I was working had some projects for me to work on with black hat SEO
techniques. And I was practicing and exercising both White hat and Black hat there.
For black hat, I used GSA, YouTube bots and backlink bots. Even article spinning, web 2.0 and
spamming was what I did that time.

10. What would you prioritize? Readers? Content? SEO? Traffic? Fame? Dollars? And yoursuggestions for the present generation bloggers who are just entering the field to earn?

Content must be written for readers. I don’t like putting difficult words into the content I write
because I believe that there are readers that are not having English as their first language and
an easy language will help them to solve the problems.
SEO is not an easy task but If you firstly focus on the content and then on search engine
rankings, It would be better. Yes, Fame is what will come with the passage of time and
continuity of efforts in the right direction.

11. What about your future goals? Projects?

My future goals are aligned. It is to become a job creator and have an office of my own
somewhere in India. For this, I am working hard on my project named zedzoom.
It is a web design and digital marketing company and we are working on it. With a total of 5
blogs at present, I am continuing my efforts to grow them and take them to awesome heights
on success.

12. Your words about my website?

I see that you share very useful and awesome information with your readers on this blog and
appreciate your efforts too. From a web designer point of view, I see it as a clean and reader
focused blog.
Wish you all the best in your ventures. Have a nice day ahead.

Thank you.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Best Power Banks Under 1000Rs

wewww!My classmate asked me for a date. A naughty romantic smile on my face(Laughing inside).All of sudden! My looks had a turn towards my battery level and the romantic smile is replaced with a confusion.Huh!Its almost empty. How can we move out without a mobile?Exactly!I experienced this a week  ago.yes,You may came across such kind of situations and its a well known thing "Our Device shutdowns in the times of need "Right? Please stop thinking about my date and I am here to make your worries clear about the device battery level(Lol..The date is a bit personal).Below are the some suggestions to buy a power bank which may clear your worries i.e. complete list of Best power banks under 1000Rs with 10,000mAh.
Power Banks Under 1000

I don't want to waste much of your time as "time is money". Let's have a keen watch at the power banks to make your thoughts recharged(Hope you got my sexy imagination behind the above statement).


  • Products which are discussed below will support up to 10,000mAh.
  • I suggest you to check this guide before buying any online product including the power banks.
  • The following brands are personally used by me and my friends and they are just my suggestions.

1.Intex Power Bank:

I think you may be familiar with the brand! Right? Let's have a look at the specifications section.
I suggest you to read the above guide in order to get well understood. The terms which I am going to use in the features section are well explained in the above guide.

Features of intex IT PB11K:

Model NamePB11K_11000Mah_White

14.2 x 2.6 x 6.3 cm

Made With
Compatible For
Micro USB
output power
5V 1A, 5V2A & 5V 2A
Power INput
DC5V / 2.1A
Charge Cable
charge Time
More than 6 hours
One year

2.Power Ace:

It's one of the brand which gets popularized with its best power banks these days. Have a look at its features section. One thing about these is they are somewhat weight and a bit large. To be frank we are irritated to take such weight things with us right? But it's worth.
Power ace

Model NamePRP-10400AW

Wei * hei * wid90g * 20mm * 68mm

Made Withplastic
Compatible ForMicro USB
output power5V, 1.5A

Power SupplyAC 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Charge CableYes
Charge Timeup to 6 hours
WarrantyOne year

3. PNY BE-740 BE-740 10400 mAh:

It's the well designed power bank from our list as it was in cylindrical share and so a bit easy to carry. It has 4 LED indicators which shows the level of the battery. Check Out the Features Here

Model NameBE-740
wei * hei * wid238g * 24.5mm * 50.5mm

Made Withplastic
Compatible ForMicro USB
Power SupplyDC 5V, 2.1A
output power5v, 2.1a Max
Charge CableNo
WarrantyOne year
Power IndicatorYes
Charge timeMore than 6 hours


It's the final pick from our list, But not the least. One more thing it is also the cheapest one from the list. Check out the features below.
Romoss under_1000

Model NamePH50-403-A
wei * hei * wid296g * 21.5mm * 62mm

Compatible ForMicro USB
Power SupplyAC 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Charge cableno
WarrantyOne year
Charge TimeMore than 6 hours
output power5V, 2.1A


Yes, we need a power bank every time and it's better to choose by having a look at its features. Be sure its charging time should be good and it output supply must be high. One more thing, there are several confusions over their capacities. Never forgot to read the reviews of that particular product. I personally recommend you to go with power ace(Size is not a  great deal, Have a look at its features).So, Happy dating (Lol,Just Kidding).

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Rank With Google Drive{SEO secret}-Complete Guide

Well! we all know Google Drive right? It's one of the child in Google family. In other words it's a place where we can host our data up to 15GB.There is possibility to store data both publicly and privately as per our requirement. Do you ever think of getting a back link and traffic from Google drive?Shocked!We the bloggers always tries for the experiments to rank our blogs and to get maximum amount of traffic. You can get a back link and can drive good amount of traffic from Google drive.Here is the GOOGLE DRIVE SEO SECRET OF 2016
Rank with Google Drive

I know you are still thinking about ranking with Google drive(Is this really possible?, your inner feeling). These may be few doubts roaming in your brain. Can we rank using Google drive? I never seen the Google drive URL's ranking on the top!!.Wait let me answer you every basic thing before entering the tutorial. Let me know you an example.


  1. Turn on your PC and connect to internet.
  2. Go to Google search bar.
  3. Search for the term "how to migrate to https".
  4. Click on enter

AWWWW!Surprised!!Just close your mouth and click on the displayed result. I think this example is more than enough which clears half of your confusion. Below is the snapshot of above example.

Contents of the Guide:

  1. How to create a Blog post in Google drive?
  2. How to add meta description?
  3. How to add security Features to our Blog post?
  4. How to index the post?

Let's start,
Login to your Gmail account, Or better to create one as we are experimenting on ranking.
Caution: Never experiment with your main blogs.

How to create a Blog post in Google drive?

  1. Login to your drive account, Create two new folders and name them private and public. Drive default sets every folder and doc to private. You need to change them to public as per your requirement. Remember private folder should be visible only for you and public should be publicly visible where you post your content to rank on the Google Search Results.
    Create Folders
  2. Create  a document  in both of the folders  and view them separately in incognito  tab(Make sure that no emails should be logged in your incognito tab), such that you will able to see the difference between public and private in the Google drive.
  3. Now click on the public folder and the documents and files which are created under in that folder becomes public and they can be viewed on web by any. We need our content to be displayed on the web!Right?So,create the content in the public folder using Google documents.
    Create a Doc in public folder
  4. Things to be remembered while creating content in Google documents.

  • Use the Main keyword in the title section.
Keyword in name of the document
The post creation using Google documents is similar to creating a blog post...

  • Use proper anchor texts.
  • Interlink properly.
  • Use heading tags properly.
  • The keyword placement should be efficient  as it works like on-page SEO for the document.
  • Add images and all i.e. it must be similar to the original blog post.
  • It's better to write 5-8 pages of content(Minimum).Click on share and save the document.

Important: You must add nearly 5 pages of content with perfect on page SEO in order to get better results. I experienced the process by adding one page of content and so I had failed.

How to add Meta Description to the content?

  1. Now its time to add meta description for our content.Yes,you may be a bit lazy in adding this as many confirms that meta description has no more SEO score. But it's completely wrong. Yes you heard it right. Check out the highlighted part in the below screenshot where the keywords in the meta description are highlighted and so displayed on the second page of Google for the keyword "PBN guide". One more thing,Meta description is useful to drive some more loyal visitors.
  2. Click on the created content document and  add meta description in the description part. You sure you have to  used keywords there.

Adding Meta Description

How to security features to our blog post?

Now it's time to secure your content from the copiers. There are many ways to copy and we can't stop them too. But the following procedure may waste their time.
  1. Click on the document and copy the link, Paste it in the incognito tab(as no email is logged there)and here is its view.
  2. Click on the file which is on the right top of the document. The content is able to download and can be printed by any. Right?
  3. Just click on the content document and then on share. Now click on advanced and tick the required option. Check out the screen shot for a better view.

Add security
4.Now after enabling the above options,this is the view of the document and no one is able to print it or download it except the owner.
After adding the security features

How to index the post?

The content which is created on Google drive can be using easily by using two common methods. First of all just copy your link and search for it and displayed will be such as below pic.
Submit URL

Method 1:Using Web master tools

  1. Simply Google the keyword "Submit URL in Google"
  2. Add your URL in the appeared text box.
  3. Click on submit and your are done.
Now search for your document link and it will be displayed in the search results. It's says that you link had indexed.

Method 2:Index Using Twitter:

It's not a great deal to index using twitter.
  1. Login to your twitter account
  2. Just make a tweet by including your content link and you are done.

Twitter  is a social website with good metrics and so it was indexed within few minutes.
Note: The complete post was  written with the help of a udemy video.
Here is something you should know about. Just open your document and now you are able to see some of the animal symbols on the right corner right? They are just the signs of that "some one had viewed your document". Read about it from Here.

My results:

I had experimented with this method and was failed to rank as I  just written a few lines of content in my blog post. Now I am seriously working with this one and will update the post with my current experiment.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Power Bank Buying Guide-Things To Be Checked Before Buying

You may be a little frustrated every time  by looking at your Smartphone's battery level !Right? Now you are about  to talk a very important call or want to send a personal SMS! and your battery sucks completely .Battery low..Battery low... Hell! You might had experienced this kind of situations often. Worrying doesn't makes the problem solved right?So,After thinking a while I decided that power bank would be a best solution.Hey,Please don't thank me, let me go and explain you in clear. There are many factors to be overlooked while buying a power bank and here is the best power bank buying guide.
Power Bank Buying Guide

Things to be considered while buying a power bank of any capacity:

Capacity(Must be More than your battery capacity):

First of all, you have to  know about  power  bank capacity. If you are completely aware of that, let me help you to do it. For example, I am a proud owner of Lenovo A7000 whose battery capacity is 2900 mAh(Not bad, as it was good for the minimum user).But, As  I am  Android addict the number completely makes me down. So I thought of buying a power bank which is capable of charging  my battery  for 3 times. So just triple my battery mAh i.e. 8700 mAh.Power bank with 10400 mAh(Milli Ampere Hours) capacity might fulfill my requirement(As its mAh is near to my calculation).Finally if I charge my power bank my battery will be charged 3 more times and is more than enough for me.
So, It's the simple way to choose the power bank whose capacity will satisfy you. If you a business person you need to travel for a long time, then it's better to choose the power bank with some more mAh.Judge your phone usage before selecting the capacity. This is a one of the factors to buy power bank.

Number of ports:

It's not such a big thing to deal.Normally,low capacity power banks comes with a single output port and the higher one comes with multiple ports. So its depends on your selection. It would be always beneficial to have multiple output ports as you might have to charge two mobiles at a time(Your partner may be with you and there is need to charge for two devices!, Just kidding).

Charger Specification:

Generally, every charger will be included with a high ampere output cable as it charges your device a bit fast. A connected cable which is of 110v can deliver 2A as you battery can be charged within time. A USB cable which is connected to laptop will deliver 0.5A and it takes more time to charge. So, I personally recommend you to with a branded cable. Just check out the ampere range of the cable before welcoming it into your family.
More time charged=Heat is generated.

Charge time and battery quality:                                             

These two plays a key role in deciding the quality of a power bank. Here charge time is related to time taken by the power bank to get fully charged. It completely depends upon its capacity. For example, if it is some 3600mAh it takes less time and if it is 10,400mAh it takes more than 5+ hours. Branded one's are included with the overcharge protection feature.
Now let's talk about the quality of the battery. There are two types of batteries which are commonly used.
  1. Lithium Polymer(Li-Po)
  2. Lithium Ion(Li-On)

No doubt, I-On can store high capacity but it drains soon.Li-Po can store average capacity and lasts after a long time. I personally suggest you to go with the Li-Po.
Personal Tip: Never go with low quality batteries as they may be explosive.

Size and Weight also matters:

We are buying power bank as we can't take out our electric board along with charger every time!Right?Its better to go with power banks which can fit into your pockets or handbags.So,consider the size before selecting. Moreover we are irritated to carry large sizes in our hands while travelling. Generally a power bank which is of 10,400mAh can be less than 250g.Some may be less than 200g.If you are going to go with a less weight power bank, it's better to check out its quality twice. Weight is just a factor for your comfort.


There are tons of brands available in the market. Some of the brands which satisfies all the above features fails to have a connection cable(USB cable to charge your mobile)in their packed boxes. Never go with such kind of brands. Please do check the point three. Connecting some other USB cables with some other brands is always risky.


There are some more such as flash light etc etc.They are just a feature. Never select a product by preferring its features. Make sure you had checked the specifications and the things included within the box before ordering it. So now, you are welcoming a fully branded power bank into your family and now you are going to have a small smile instead of frustration by looking at your battery level. Let me know your problems and questions via comment section.