Build High Quality Backlinks By Using Footprints

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Are you still struggling to find the blogs which offer backlinks? If yes, I am sure you are going to appreciate me by the end.
Basic Guide on Footprints

Footprints, some of you may be using these, right? Did it sounds new? Don’t be worried, just go on if you want to build massive number of links in no time. So, today I want to share everything about the footprints and more over how to create backlinks easily by using the footprints? Here is the much awaited A-Z guide to build backlinks easily.

Contents of the guide:

  • Google advance search operators
  • What are footprints?
  • How to build backlinks using footprints?
  • How to make a footprint that works?
  • Did they work for long term and event blogs-Case study?

Google advance search operators:

Don’t be wired, you need a little information about the advance search terms in order to use and build the footprints effectively. Advance search operators are nothing but the combination of small meaningful phrases included with operators such as:,”” etc. They are used to display the exact output what we needs. Search operators are classified under six search services. Here is the complete list of Google advanced operators, Grab it.
Here is a simple example to clear your confusion.

Using double inverted commas:

Search for a query by placing the text in between the quotes
Here I am searching for “backbenchideas”.
This displays only the content related to your search query exactly.

Some more:(Ignore the flower braces,They are just for easy understanding).
{Inurl :}-This displays the searches which are having your query in the URL structure.
{intitle:}-This displays the searches which are having your query in title.

What are footprints?

Footprints are the combination of google advance search terms and your keywords. You have to use your keywords along with the above search operators to find the exact webpages you need. Let’s see some examples with a clear explanation.

Footprint 1: Restaurants inanchor: qualitybeer
Explanation: This footprint brings you the results which contain restaurant in webpages and quality beer as anchor text. Below is a screen shot.

File type 2: pdf c program
Explanation: This footprint displays the results which only offer the PDF files of the c programming language.

Footprint 3: inurl: backbenchideas
Explanation: This footprint brings you the results which are having the word “backbenchideas” in their URL structure.
I hope, you had a clear view about the footprints from the above examples.

How to build backlinks from footprints?

Yes, this exactly you need! And I know the word build backlinks with footprints dragged you here!!Right? Let’s move on …
Here is the small list of footprints and the procedure to build the links from the search results.
Foot print 1: your-text”allowed HTML tags”
Explanation: Don’t forget to replace your-text with your keyword. The footprint displays the search results which allow you to get a backlink by commenting at their blogs. Only some of the results may be auto approve and some may undergo waiting for approval. It completely depends upon the worth of your comment. Less spam-More approvals.
Well,If you are a spma hater then,go with this "how to rank articles without a single backlink".

Footprint 2: your-text”if you have a website, link it here” ”post a new comment”
Explanation: This footprint displays you the blogs having intense database comment system which offer dofollow backlinks by commenting. The fact is most of the sites are auto approved and less spamming gives you more number of quality links.

How to make a footprint by your own that works?

So, now you know everything about footprints. It's not a rocket science, Just combine the search terms and Google advance operators to make a working foorprint.Now,I will make you learn about "How to make your own footprint that works"?Here we go. Now I am going to make a footprint to find the HTML Textbooks of a particular subject(For example you need PDF files of HTML textbook).You can get the searches even by searching in a normal way such as "HTML Textbook PDF download". There may be 5-6 PDF files among the 10 search results. Right?
Now let's try the same search by building and using a footprint. You need  files of type "filetype:PDF" makes a sense for search engine too, and now you are looking for a particular subject of HTML,So just add the search term to the above one and this the final one "filetype:PDF html tutorials". Check the Below screen shot and feel the difference.
Foot prints example

Wait!!Don't go away(from my heart),you can get a collection of thousands of footprints for free.
Did they work long term and event blogging?
Let me clear you a thing. I never used footprints to build back links.But,i want to explain a thing  and the final decision should be yours. You can both bad and good links to comment and get a do-follow link. The key is if you just go with good sites by checking its metrics and links you can use them for the long term sites too. If you just want to increase your links number, then you can go with any site. The decision is yours.
Here are files with collected footprints(Source Google and Jacob king):


This is a small tip from my side. To beat an authority site(already ranked site with DA:25+)you need to build 120-170 links from root domains and it works well. I hope you got the statement right? Let me know via comment section.

What People Searched For Most In 2015!

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So! One more year is going to end and I am here to notify you "what we search in Google for the year 2015".You may be struck at the world "Google " by thinking of it as, is it the only search engine existed? If yes! Let me answer you.
What you searched?

Reason to prefer Google Search Engine:

It was a well known reason. To those who are still waiting for my answer, Google was the search engine used by the maximum number of internet users and so I am listing the list of searches in 2015 from Google. One more thing, There is no rocket science behind collecting this data, I just used my fingers to type and search for Google trends.
I am a big hater of quotes and though thinking to share a quote for you regarding the end of the year before leaning into the article,


What people search for, in 2015 Through the Globe).
what people search for, in 2015 Through India).

What people search for, in 2015 Through

Don't be wired just species that I am going to list the data from the searches of all world countries. So let's start with the trending searches of 2015.

Trending  top 5 searches in 2015:

Lamar Odom: He is an American former basket ball player, I am really wired why people searched for him a lot. Let's move, we might be more shocked further.
Charlie Hebdo:It's  a French weekly magazine which is about cartoons, jokes and reports etc. a challenging action packed game compactable for Android ,Ios,Microsoft Windows,Linux,Mac os. Are you interested to play the most searched game?if yes!
For android users-Install.
For Iphone Users-Install.
Jurassic World:No more to say about it, as it was well know series of adventurous movies.
Paris:Yeah,We all might be known about the recent terrorist attacks in France and it results in to search for Paris news.Well,This shows that humanity is still alive on earth(Lol).

Most searched people in 2015:                                                        

Lamar Odom: I think you already had a glimpse about him from the above piece of content.
Ronda Rousey:She is an American martial artist and actress.
Caitlyn jenner:Commonly known as Bruce Jenner is an famous American TV personality and also the one who bagged credit of Olympics.
Adele: A beautiful English singer and song writer.
Charlie sheen: He is an American actor with successful films.
The listed above are may be unknown and hence they are explained clearly with one line. The following are the games, movies and production which doesn't need any description. Hope you got it.

Top Global Sporting Events:

Copa America
Tour de France
Rugby world cup
Super bowl

Top 5 searched Movies:

Jurassic world
Furious 7
American sniper
Fifty Shade of Grey

Top 5 most searched TV shows:

Big Brother Brazil
Jessica Jones
Bigg Boss
Fear the Walking Dead
Better Call Saul

Top 5 searched Tech Goods:

iPhone 6S
Samsung Galaxy S6
Apple Watch
iPad Pro
Lg G4

what people search for, in 2015 Through India):

Now let's move on, what Indians searched for in Google.
Reason to write about Indian searches: You may be thinking of this, If yes Then go here. It's one of the largest users of internet and more over the users of internet are increasing day by day and this makes me to write their list of searches.

Top 5 Most searched searches:

SBI - State Bank of India
Snap deal

Top 5 Trending Searches:

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
Indian Premier League (IPL)

Top 5 most searched people:

Lol!3 of the 5 are women.
Sunny Leone
Salman Khan
APJ Abdul Kalam
Katrina Kaif
Deepika Padukone

Top 5 Searched Movies:

Bajrangi Bhaijaan
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Most Searched Sports Persons:

Virat Kohli
Lionel Messi
Sachin Tendulkar
M S Dhoni         
Cristiano Ronaldo

Most searched Mobile Devices In india:

YU Yureka
Apple iPhone 6S
Lenovo K3 Note
Lenovo A7000
Moto G

Shit!!!No one Searched for the Blogging and SEO stuff along with me,if you are the one let me know via comments.

Hope!You had known what we mostly search for in google in 2015.Better to share with all of your buddies and make them know and its worth.I know you are going to use the Newly placed Whatsapp share button below the article.

Interview With Tushti Bhatia-Owner Of Author Paradise

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February 2015...50+stiches, Legs badly injured...Wait,Don,t let  your mind imaginate and she is none other than Tusthi Bhatia(The Owner Of Author Paradise).She is here on the interview today.I am very happy to host your interview and it's good to see young entrepreneurs exists in today's generation and i am proud that i am interviewing you.So readers read the interesting conversation which took place between us.
Interview With Tushti Bhatia

A bit About Tushti Bhatia:

Tushti  Bhatia, a freelancer and a reviewer, mostly known for her venture ‘AUTHOR PARADISE’, was born in Chandigarh. She was bought up in luck now and has spent a major time of her life in the city of nawabs. Writing being her passion she started writing at the age of 7. She is currently perusing CMA and is in the last year of her graduation. Her hobbies are listening to music and she loves spending alone time. Currently she is based in jaipur and soon coming up with her debut novel.

1)Let’s start with the formal question, please introduce you to our audience

Well, you can call me a dreamer, a very normal person just like you but what makes me different from all others are my dreams. Born and bought up in Chandigarh, have completed my schooling from 5 different states and currently doing CA,CMA, BCOM and parallely running author paradise too. From my school days itself I have been a very active student. From dramas to street plays, from being an orator, painter, singer, reviewer, writer, and the owner of author paradise, this journey has been memorable [ ha-ha, I m a self-obsessed person *winks*] 

 2)Tell us about your schooling and college life?

I completed most of my schooling from Lucknow and Jaipur. My college life was all in jaipur  both of them have been fun .  I have enjoyed my study life in both these cities. Along with graduation am doing CA, CMA . I have never paid attention to my college life as I was busy in giving shape to author paradise.

3) When did you first consider yourself as a writer?

A number of incidents happened in my life, which shaped me as an author. I came in touch with a lot of writers a few months ago. When I read their writings and started reviewing them I realized that even I could write. Then I started working as a freelance writer and slowly my hidden talent got the better of me .Then gradually I became an official reviewer and came in touch with another lot of writers who asked me to review their work. 2015 has been a turning point of my life and when I was bed ridden that was the time which made me realize that yes even I can write * and at least better than all these newbie's * .

4) Your life as an author, share us what kind a life tushti Bhatia lives .

Being an author does not affect my life. I live a very normal life , just like any other girl. It's all about focusing on my PR machinery; author paradise usually demands a lot of time , I review books  and do every other normal work and my main job is to maintain a decorum and taking my team together in all the decisions I take.

5) What exactly is author paradise! Tell in brief and what about your future plans?

Looking at the current scenario of publishing industry, we decided to give this industry a name on which authors can trust. Author paradise is a solution to every query of yours regarding publishing of masterpiece. Currently we are dealing with the publicity of the books, We provide different customized packages [which are made according to the needs of writers ] and the best part is more than 100 people are working as a team, and we make sure that author’s get what they wish for and unlike all big vanity publishing and promotional houses we do not take higher amounts .we use a different kind of approach to make the title stand out of the crowd and reach the respective readers. The simple agenda behind author paradise is we are working for the betterment of author and shall always do till the time author paradise will survive and soon we will be exploring other branches of publishing as well

6) Recommendation> talent in India!

Now a days I believe recommendations is overtaking the talented people. Talent does not get easily valued today. You need to really prove your mettle.  But if you are recommended once in this industry by some big names, then yes we can think that we can get some quick name and fame * for the time being *

7) How much of your books are realistic that is from your own experiences?

Basically I am coming up with my debut book next year and you will get to know once it hits the market . and it is purely based on my life experiences.

8) If you had to choose, which writer do you consider a mentor?

That writer has got to be Sandeep Sharma. I read his book and I simply could not help thinking about it.  I mean that(Hey dad meet my mom!) is his magnum opus. You don’t find such books today. Authors either write about their love stories or some crushes. But his book was totally worth reading. I never knew that something like that could also be written. I really appreciate his sense of writing and how he gives life to his words. He is the one you can look up to when you want to find a mentor in writing. He really does great jobs. I have seriously become a fan of his.

9) Sex, love, romance – do you think writing on these concepts give instant fame. Is it right? What’s your take on this? would you like to give a message to the existing and future writers.

Yes I strongly think most of the writers are following this pathway only and eventually they end up writing crap. And to be very honest no one even bothers to read such kind of shit. Now a days, in the name of bestselling novels trash sells. I read somewhere ‘if you have not read the book you want to read, you should write it’. So authors if you are smart enough and if you want to come up in the form of an amazing storyteller in front of the audience and if you want to be recognized as a brilliant author, then just start writing good and sensible stories.  

10)Are there any authors who had grasped your interest?

It's just sandeep Sharma who has taken my heart away ( oh I mean his book HDM3 has totally taken a special space in my bookshelf and I totally love his writings. I am a big ardent follower of Mr. Sharma ). Another book which I found amazing is ‘How I braved anu aunty and co-founded a million dollar company’ by varun agarwal.

12) Who are your favorite author and what is that really strikes you about the work.

It has always been sandeep Sharma and trust me not only he is my business partner, my co-author he is my bestest of bud and whatever I am today is because of him, not only I just love what he writers, I just really love him for his out of the world creations . * you will get to know once you read his book HDM3 *

13) Name the people that you feel supported you outside of family members?

I guess no one did. My father asked me to move out of my house as he was always against my writings and novel. It was that time which taught me that whatever happens stick to your dreams, and never let any factor deviate you from it. And now I v

14) Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Deciding the characters name.

15) How did you feel at backbench ideas? Some words about us? Be frank!

First of all thank you for giving me a platform to write about myself. Being interviewed by wonderful people like you gives me immense pleasure. And yes keep up the good work. Love your enthusiasm and trust me backbench ideas is going to wonders.

16) I am eagerly waiting for the review of book of Ms. “tushti Bhatia”! When will it be?

*Ha-ha laughs* hopefully  in 2016. Fingers crossed. And I m sure you will like it.

Connect her Via Social Networks:
Face book-
Twitter-tushti_bhatia / author paradise
Instagram-TUSHTIBHATIA6 / author_paradise
Author paradise fb page-

Hack Whatsapp Messages & Prevention 2015-Complete Guide

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Hack WhatsApp messages! Can we hack WhatsApp? There are most frequent searches by the WhatsApp users, am I right? There are tons of articles over the web about the hack of WhatsApp conversations. If you are the one who tired of searching for such kind of stuff, now get ready to share this awesome guide with your friends. I am not going to include any of the stupid online tools to waste your time; here I am going to list a few applications and methods through which you are able to hack someone’s WhatsApp account.
Hack Whatsapp

Can we hack WhatsApp?

There is no application on the web which provides complete secured browsing. They just have levels of security with hidden bugs. Remember wireless attacks are not possible on WhatsApp, it’s better to not go with wireless attacks.

Recommended to read

  • Technical skills are required.
  • You should have complete grip over android and WhatsApp.
  • Victim phone should be with you, as it was necessary for some methods.
  • The apps which are required for the process are removed from the play store, but I think its worth to have a look at them and so listed here.
  • Prevention is written below the bug itself and so the guide is for both to hack and to secure your WhatsApp.
  • The backbench ideas is not responsible for any mal practices.

What is inside the guide?

Remember, here I am going to share two is about the methods to hack the WhatsApp conversations and second one to secure your account from these methods. Just go on with the article.
Method 1: Backup Text for WhatsApp.
Method 2: Hack using whatsdog.
Method 3: Spoof MAC address on android.
Method 4: Use airdroid.
Method 5: Use third party software’s.
Method 6: Access messages with WhatsApp sniffer.

#1.Backup text for WhatsApp

Don’t be wired, it’s just one more android application.yes,its an android app which can be downloaded from the play store and allows you to convert WhatsApp messages convert to plain text as it was an easy task to read on the computer screen. You can email the complete chat to anyone.
Steps to follow:

  1. The victim phone should be with you at this time.
  2. Import the app from here on to the victim’s device.
  3. Run the app, select the required option from the below screen and then export it to the card.
  4. Forward the exported file to your email.
  5. Uninstall backup text for WhatsApp.
  6. You are done! Just sit in front of your PC screen and have fun.
Hack whatsapp chat

Prevention: just lock the play store and it’s more than enough. I personally suggest you to go with the recent updates of app locks as the old versions are hackable. Check out the process on how vault app lock can be hacked!

#2.Use whatsdog

Whatsdog is a new cunning dog into the web which spy on other dogs. It’s not a hacking tool, but it spy on your victim and was so listed here.whatsdog gets popularized with its feature in a short period of time, But the sad part is the app was recently removed from the playstore.But I am sure there may be several sources which offers the APK file.
Steps to follow:

  1. First of all, work hard to find the APK file of the whatsdog.
  2. Install and run it on your device.
  3. Just enter the victim number on the provided column.
  4. It spy on the victim number and now you can be able to get notified when he is in online and even get notified with his activities such as changing DP and Status
Prevention: just disable read receipts and it’s more than enough mate.

#3.spoof MAC address on android

It’s one of the best methods to hack WhatsApp and it was verified by many android developers. I simply suggest you to go with this method. First of all, let me teach you some technical stuff.
MAC: Every android device has a unique MAC address. WhatsApp verifies the devices MAC address and so we can’t create more than one WhatsApp legally. But here is the guide, I am sure you are going to run two WhatsApp accounts on your device.
Remember, there is no task for you while trying this method and I am sure this was not possible by an ordinary android user. My suggestion to get tips from the popular android forums before trying spoofing the MAC address. Moreover it requires a rooted android device.

#method4: use airdroid

I am damn sure, every android user is going to be surprised after reading this, just go on.Airdroid is an android application, hey don’t  be confused with operating system and the application.Airdroid connects your device with the PC and and it displays your android screen on the monitor, shocked? Let’s move on to get surprised, as it can be used to hack the WhatsApp messages.
How it works?
This allows taking your android for a while. Just install the app and signup for an account. If you had already imported it, he or she will login to the account and they can mirror your screen from their computer. Remember you can’t be notified.

Prevention: Never allow someone to use play store from your device, just lock it.

#5.use third party software

Yes! There are tons of websites which claims that their tools can hack WhatsApp conversations and some of them which I heard are bossay, zealspy and WhatsApp hack spam. It’s better to skip this method as I never give it a try. More over its well-known we need to install some software’s on the victims system in order to get the requested information and its little frustrating right? If you are well known about these, please notify and so it will be updated here.remember never invest on such spam software’s.

#6.hack messages with WhatsApp sniffer

WhatsApp sniffer is an android application which allows you to read the messages of others, if you both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Yes! You heard it right. You can read the someone’s WhatsApp messages by WhatsApp sniffer if you both are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. At present, the application is not available on the google official play store. The app was recently removed from the play store, but still there are some sources to download the APK.
How it works?
It works on the ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) spoofing technique that is where we can send falsified messages to the victim which attacks the MAC address of that respective android such data; we can access the data from this bug. Remember this procedure works only on the systems which are connected on same network, as ARP is possible here.
Read about the recently identified android bug, through which an android can be hacked easily.
Prevention: No need to bother about it because, I had researched on this and I am unable to find the WhatsApp sniffer, but better to be careful if you are using a Wi-Fi.


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Review

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If you are into gaming, and specially simulation ones, then Euro Truck Simulator 2 may be one of the best games available on the internet. The successor of the much popular Euro Truck Simulator, is available for Windows, Mac OS X and even Linux and comes with a simple minimalistic yet attractive way of getting the feel of driving an actual trick. There is no doubt that this game was a massive hit, mainly considering the fact that the game got a crazy amount of attention from gamers and the media when it was first launched. The game got followed with tons of DLCs which added more features and new maps to the game. This game is very much similar to bus simulator 2015, which is also a simulating game but only difference is that you drive a bus in that.
euro truck simulator review


Euro Truck Simulator 2 comes with a downscaled representation of Europe while the DLCs “Going East!” and “Scandinavia” added a few more into the collection. The players are allowed to choose any of the locations available as the Head Quarter’s location.


Starting off the game, at first we are presented to “Quick Jobs”. These are quick and simple jobs for which a truck is provided and all expenses such as fuel, road tolls and ferry crossings are covered. By doing this small job, the players gets to earn money and eventually can afford to buy their own truck and acquire a home garage. By this way, they can use their own truck without being just a drivers and thus make more profit. If the player doesn’t have the required amount to buy a truck, they can take a loan from the in-game truck as well. Other than spending on trucks, the money earned in Euro Truck Simulator 2 can be spent on upgrading trucks, buying more garages and expanding the home garage in order to accommodate more trucks as well as drivers. Well, its sequel, that is euro truck simulator 3 is about to release and believe me, it’s going to have much more better trucks and stuff.
Euro Truck Simulator 2 features 77 cities in thirteen different countries, over twenty different types of cargo and over fifteen fictional European companies. Some of them are Austria, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Sweden etc. Version 2 of Euro Truck Simulator 2 arrives with two new truck companies, namely Scania and Renault, with MAN returning from the original Euro Truck Simulator.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

Going East and Scandinavia : This DLC was first made available in January 2013, enhancing the gaming experience by enabling players to access the Eastern Europe. The DLC provided with new thirteen new cities, Poland and Slovakia being few of the newly added cities.
Scandinavia is another DLC similar to Going East, which expanded the in-game map.
Paint Job Themes
A large set of paint job themes were released on special occations like Halloween and the Winter Season enabling players to customize their trucks even more. “Ice Cold”, “Force of Nature” were some of them.
High Power Cargo Pack
This DLC allows the players to add custom cargoes, which included a helicopter, tractors, drillers, air conditioners and even a yacht.
There are a lot of more eurotruck simulator mods that you can download and enjoy too!


Other than these, there were a lot of Mods made available for Euro Truck Simulator 2, making it a really versatile game ready to be enjoyed by anyone. One of the best games available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, which I would suggest everyone.

6+1 Tips To Avoid Stage Fear

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Avoid Stage Fear
Stage fear-it’s a big thing in every student life.Am I right? It’s the bridge between your academic career and the professional career. This was somewhat special article here which will be little motivational for those who are nervous while speaking on the stage and is helpful to the people who want to reduce their stage fear. Just go on with the following suggested tips to overcome of stage fear. I am sure you are good enough to speak in front of a 100+ people by the end of the article.

These things make you fear!!First motivate yourself:

  • Never bother of others comments on you,your success makes them to shut their mouth.
  • Stage fear it not just a word which can be occurred at a time. It’s a process of fear in the individual which makes the individual to shut his creativity. Remember we are living in a world where you have to open your mouth in front of people to survive.
  • No one is born intelligent and no one is greater than you until you feared.
  • Yes skills matters a lot for the individual, but if you are not able to express, I think there is no need to think.
  • No one is perfect by the first time itself, they just go on by expressing and finally they will be the winners.
  •  Never think about the laughs of the people as they don’t know the situation, ignore their barks.
 Stage and Fear these both words are parallel to each other. Everyone in his life wants to go and to make his presence in front of all, but it is not possible for every person to face the audience easily and calmly. Somewhere, everyone has a little hesitation and fear is present whenever he or she is going on the stage and especially for the person who is facing the stage for the first time.
Today we are going to discuss some simple tips to avoid the stage fear and to move on the stage with confidence and smile on the face. These tips are given as follows:

Tips to overcome stage fear:

  1. Firstly whenever you are going to stage check yourself properly that you are dressed properly, your face expression and keep a smile with yourself to look nice and confident.
  2. As you keep the smile on your face, but somewhere in heart you feel nervous and anxiety. Other than  feeling that anxiety keep yourself calm and cool and just think about the matter and points which you are going to speak in front of your audience, because that will keep you busy in your agenda  and make you stay away from the anxiety.
  3. Trust yourself, the biggest and the most important point to keep in your heart and mind both, because if you believe yourself than nothing can makes you worry and automatically you will look confident and positive.
  4. Whenever you are going on stage make a short prayer quickly, this will bring a positive charge in you and makes you well prepared for the stage.
  5. At the time of delivering your opinion among the audience, make eye contact with your addresses and if you are not comfortable with it than look your points for once and the stage, but never keep your head down towards the points only, this will make wrong impact among the audience.
  6. Before going to stage once prepare yourself in front of the mirror, this will boost you.
  7. Just be you, no matter what amount of people will gather, or the program is there keep yourself positive and ignore the negative people and conversation.

So here are the some points which we discussed. Hope these simple and easy methods will help you to avoid stage fear and make your appearance on the stage with confidence and positivity. Finally never hide your creativity, always express your views to the world and more over never give a chance to others to grab your opportunity. Moreover I am a back bench student and these are the tips I had followed and so listed here...

Go on and shout your success! Best of Luck

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