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Friday, 12 June 2015

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interview with varsha bansal-the smart story writer and blogger

Well!!!Today you have something new.
First of all, happy first anniversary to backbench ideas and as our gift today we have VARSHA BANSAL in front of us to motivate us and this is the first interview on this blog
Welcome varsha!! I am excited and thankful as you are here on my blog.
varsha simple infograph

Let`s start with the formal question!!Can you please introduce yourself to my readers?
Hello Friends, Myself Varsha Bansal from the Center of India, Korba Chhattisgarh. I can describe myself straight- forward, creative, self possessive, and have the very positive attitude towards my life.

What about your past life, I mean say about your life behind the profession?
Behind my profession I am very simple, love to talk and hangout with friends and family, very bubbly like to tease my friends and siblings with my silly jokes, like to cook new dishes and love to do crazy adventures with my friends

At first you are a blogger (just started blogger) but slowly leaned towards story writing!!What is the reason behind this?
As I started blogging to give establishment for my writing career only and by god mercy I get success too and here I would like to thanks a person Jai Singh Marwa Director of IIEBM college of Pune because he was the first official person who had appreciated me for my writing and motivated me to start my own blog.

It is easy to dream but difficult to do!!! I think I am right!!Let us know about the initial days of your career.
I think if we dream we can, because once you started and you are assure that you can do than there is no obstacles, as I started my writing career in May 2013 yes in the initial days hardly people understand me and my writing but by mercy of god I am gifted with a lovely family and friends who supported me irrespective anything else and yes god shows me the path always for my passion and dream J

What are the situations you faced during your first story publication?
As when I started I was very excited but I am kind of a person who gets bored easily which was a big challenge for me to continue with the same story because at the time of writing “Miss To Mrs Agarwal”, hundred other concepts came in my mind and I have to focus a lot to carry on with the same story. And if we talk about publication than yes I face many rejections, whenever I rejected I remember TajMahal and J.K. Rowling as Taj Mahal is called the seven Wonders Of World and takes 20 years to complete so I believe the beautiful things takes time and we all know about J.K. Rowling that she was rejected for 12 times for the Harry Potter.

I go through your stories; they usually build from the concept of love!!Yes? Why so?
Heheheeh , umm as it is not wholly correct I write on different genre too and if we talk about love stories, so mine problem is that whatever came in my mind I pen it down (lol)

 Varsha ji!!if you are left in a desert for a few days(alone)which books did you like to take along with you (or) Did you start a new story?(hehehe)
Hehheh, I will like to write a new story and I will name it as “Life in sand”, hehehheh J

What is your way of thinking to write a story? What things did you consider and finally how much time it takes for you to complete a whole story?
Actually I always suppose any story with the scene rather than subject, that is scene comes in my mind and I tried to give it a shape and thus the story created, hehehaha J

Can you please describe about online reputation!!What is the role of social media in building your career? Your suggestions for youth on using social media? (Varsha insert screen shots if you think they are necessary here)
I think online media can plays a big role in anyone is life and for me it is a blessing, I connect with many broadminded writers, peoples and friends who are today equal to my real life friends thanks to face book and mark zuckerburg too, heheheh

Women in the field of technology!!!It sounds good. Your words on this statement?
Yes, it sounds cool, good, the best all you can say but as I am not having much knowledge of technology so I cannot describe it more. J

Can you say any words for our readers through which which I want to inspire them!
Dream every minute, pal and suppose you are living it because all the power is within you and believe yourself and your god always.

Backbench ideas, recently turns into one. Your words about our website?
Firstly heartly congratulations to Backbench ideas for completing one year and it is really a nice blog , I read your articles too which is very useful and the way you explain your article is really efficient and I wish that your site become the India’s no. 1 site soon. J

 Can you give a chance to publish your book directly if my website is in good position!!?

grab a watch for discount here

Sure and it will be pleasure for me J

Me!!As an owner of this website requesting you to write a story about yourself which is useful for the beginner’s (especially for the ladies)
Omg, thank you for such words and wish one day I reached that height that I can write about myself that inspires the beginner’s.

Thank you much varsha for your interview
Thank you Tk for the interview and it was really pleasure to talk with you J
How much did you rate this interview and it will help us in making more interviews
Your valuable feedbacks are allowed and are appreciated.
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Friday, 15 May 2015

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how to use two whatsapp/multiple whatsapp accounts on a single mobile

WhatsApp-the best personal messaging client which allows its users to chat and care for our sharing’s (used to share HD images, videos) etc. Every user of the smartphone prefer WhatsApp when equated with messaging clients due to its user friendliness and its simplicity.
These are the often thoughts/queries of every WhatsApp user:
1. Is it possible to use 2 WhatsApp accounts on a dual sim card phone?
2. Can`t we access multiple WhatsApp accounts from mobile (logout WhatsApp)?

These two are the most annoying things about WhatsApp. If you are using a dual-sim android mobile then, using WhatsApp only through a single mobile number is the most frustrating thing for most of the users. This article which deals about “using multiple WhatsApp accounts on a mobile”.
Coming to the tutorial, here are the two methods through which you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts on a mobile (2 WhatsApp accounts for a dual-sim android device).The following are the working, secured and tested methods.
Method 1: By using OGWhatsApp on the mobile, No need of rooting for this method.
Method 2(this method needs rooting of the device): by using switchMe app on the mobile. I personally prefer method 1 for two strong reasons
1. This method doesn’t need any kind of rooting which is easy for you and safe for your mobile
2. As I used it I can say it is easy and the best method to use (tested).

2 WhatsApp accounts on a dual sim mobile using method 1:

What is OGWhatsapp? Is it safe by using it on my mobile?
This may be the first question raised for you and here is the answer.OGWhatsapp is an android app which allow the android users to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on your mobile without rooting.

Follow our steps to run 2 whatsapp accounts on your device:

1. First of all you need to back up your WhatsApp conversations. WhatsApp generally backup your conversations automatically in your device. You can backup your whatsapp conversations manually, click on its menu (on the right top in WhatsApp).”Settings” -> “chat settings” and then -> “backup conversations”. You are done and this backup file can be saved as “msgstore.db.crypt7” in your WhatsApp folder. It is easy to access if you rename it.

2. Now follow the steps carefully, here the process starts. Clear all your WhatsApp data in your apps management (settings->apps management->WhatsApp->clear data).
3. Retitle the WhatsApp directory to OGWhatsApp that is from SD card/WhatsApp directory/ to SD card/OGWhatsApp.

4. Now it’s time to uninstall your original WhatsApp (backup and uninstall the app)
5. Install the OGWhatsapp .
                For android users click here
                For windows users click here
6. After installation verify your previous WhatsApp account number
Important: you must only verify your previous WhatsApp number in OGWhatsApp
7. Reinstall the official WhatsApp from play store (install official WhatsApp from here) and now verify your second mobile number.
Surprised!!!Start using dual whatsapp accounts on your dual sim mobiles

Method 2: run multiple whatsapp accounts on your device

Remember: to use this method your smartphone must be rooted.

What is switchme?

Switchme is an android app for the smartphone users which allow the WhatsApp users to use multiple WhatsApp accounts from the mobile. It provides login and logout options for the WhatsApp such as you can access multiple accounts.

Steps to be followed to use multiple WhatsApp accounts:

1. Make your smartphone ready by rooting and you need to install the official WhatsApp to start the process.
2. Import switchme multiple accounts on to your mobile, after installation you need to accept the terms.
3. Create a profile on your name to yourself in swithme such that the account will be an administrator account for all the existing apps.Install WhatsApp with swithme account and be the administrator account to the WhatsApp.

4. Now create an account in switchmen and then choose the “switch” option from this second switchme account.
5. It’s time to restart your phone and after it install the official WhatsApp from play store and use the another number to create a new WhatsApp here to install switch me
And thus this way you can run multiple WhatsApp accounts on your mobile.

grab a watch for discount here

Share it to all your WhatsApp friends.
Easy installation, happy using.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

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5 measures for the girls on how to use facebook

Everyone loves their own private life. Everyone who is reading this article may be an addictor of social media (which includes face book, whatsapp and all other messaging clients).
Now a day’s face book is the most popular word which is often heard from every mouth. But the thing, every face book user had to remember is “there are no limitations in using face book as it is a completely user friendly one, but you should not exceed your own limits. If you, then your private life are no more a secret”.

This is a must read article by every face book user especially for the girls. Can you answer the following questions frankly from bottom of your heart?

Question 1: did you show interest in adding unknown girls and boys in face book

Question 2: I think you are much interested in sharing your problems with your friends list apart from your parents!! Am I right?

This is the single reason which makes me to write these articles especially for girls
“We can judge a person’s character by visiting his status updates and his activity log”. Face book is already a complete privacy platform where we can enjoy our private life. But here is the problem arises we are unable to set those settings and some of you may ignore them. Here in this article I am going to explain some of the important to keep yourself as a professional on face book.

Following are the 5 places where you lost your private life in face book 

Your profile:

A place where you can place all your complete details. Sharing all your personal data frankly is not a wrong thing. You should keep them in correct way by selecting a mode from the following four modes.
Friends of friends 
Only me
If your selection is public, then your profile is visible to everyone (your data is visible to all)
If your selection is friends, then your profile data is visible to only your face book friends
If your choice is friends of friends, then your profile is visible to your friends and to their friends too
If you are looking to keep your complete details privately then only me is the option you need to select.
My suggestion is to choose friends option

Your timeline:

This feature offers you to post your thoughts and ideas. By default, anyone can post anything on your timeline which may be a little uncomfortable to you. We are able to gain a large number of followers and fans if our ideas are perfectly posted. Here are the some tips to maintain a perfect timeline which gain followers for you.
-never share the useless posts/don’t share usually
-try to make your ideas or post your own thoughts
-set timeline posting option to yourself that is only you can post on your timeline
-posting 2 quotes per day is good enough
Set the privacy mode for timeline: select the option that who can post on your timeline
1) Everyone
2) Only me
It`s better to choose only me option as you can only post on your timeline and it looks a bit professional.


You lost your complete social life if your account is hacked. There are many techniques out there to hack a face book account. But still Face book provides an awesome feature LOGIN APPROVALS to protect our account from hackers.
Never use same passwords for your all accounts! It will be a little danger and there is a scope to crack your password
Never save passwords on third party systems (friend`s PC and net cafe). If you had saved your password there are many tricks to reveal the saved password which is an easy task to access your account

Mobile number:

Now a day`s face book allows you to create new account with your mobile number (no need of any emails). Here is the thing, how your mobile number is known to all! After creating a face book account, face book default set your mobile number in your profile and is visible to all. So the first thing you had to set up is privacy for your mobile number. So select an option ONLY ME in the phone number tab.
Our suggestion is to create your face book account with your personal mail ID.

Your friend list:

It doesn`t matter how many friends did you have in your account. Face book allows you to hide your friends. It provides the following features by enabling the respective mode.
Public-your friend list is visible to every one 
Only one-your friend list is visible only for you
Some other:
Never click on the unofficial links which often appears on your timeline.
It is not good to reveal all your personal details to an unknown person. But still we do it!!Right?
It’s better to check the person’s history before adding a new person!! Or if you want to strictly avoid the strangers there are many options in face book which makes strangers difficult to contact you. Here is an option provided by the face book, here you have to enable that “only friends” should send me a request. Here is the screen shot.
share to all your facebook friends and help them to keep save their private life

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Saturday, 21 March 2015

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how to see the password which is behind stars(asterisks)

The users of the internet are increasing day by day as per requirements. Yes, but security is also a thing you must notice while using other PC (may be friends or internet cafe`s etc).
                          increase your security: use dual passwords for a facebook account
 Face book and Gmail which we majorly browse, requires a password to access our respective accounts. It is a well known thing that we are unable to see our passwords while logging into our accounts as it appears in the form asterisks (********). After clicking on login, the browser (any browser) asks you to save your password.
 For example if you are using your friends PC or desktop in net cafe we often observe this someone had logged his account and his password appears for all in the stars(******) format. This is how a saved password saved account appears on the screen.

This article deals with the following topics
What happens if you allow the browsers to save your password? Is it safe?
How to know the password which is behind the stars? Or how to crack the saved passwords?

What happen if you allow the browser to save your password

here are many social networks which we use over web and each of them requires your password to login and to use its services. After clicking on login option the browser asks you to save the password of your respective account. This one of the major mistake done by many. It’s a minor mistake whose impact is big such as you loss your control on your account. . Here is the screen shot of the dialog box which appear on the screen (here I am using Google chrome browser). If you save your password it allows others to access your data and account. For example, you are in a net cafe and some of your friend Mr. A used face book and he saved the password on the browser. If you are the next person who wants to login face book from that particular PC, then the face book login page is already filled with details of Mr. A. if you just click on LOGIN you are able to look up his complete actions and data and in similar way you can crack his password which is behind the stars

Requirements to do so:

There are many guides and non working tutorials on this topic which says you to copy the particular java code and paste it the address bar of the browser. This is an outdated trick which doesn’t works no more. Following is the most advanced and easy trick to crack the saved passwords. A person without minimum technical knowledge can crack the saved password by the following guide

How to know the password which is behind stars just 5 steps?

Caution: this is completely for educational purpose and not to play silly things. Our main motto is to inform the internet users to be secure and private
I tried this trick on my friends Gmail account whose password is saved on my browser and below is the process along with screen shots
1) I tried to login to my mail and I found the login page like this, where my friend username and password appeared like this.

2) Now here is the trick, just select the saved password and give a right click on it

3) Select the option “inspect element” which is at the bottom
4) After clicking on it a window with a bulk of code appear 

5) Note the highlighted code 

6) Replace the word “password” in highlighted text with “text” and it’s the surprise the password in on the screen

 yeah finally now you are able to get the password which is behind the stars(*******)
so please be careful while logging from other systems and this article is completely for educational purpose.please don`t misuse this.

Hope you will notify this to your friends with a share

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Friday, 6 February 2015

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can i hold images and videos out of others sight in an android device?

Android!!Yes, exactly I am talking about the devices what you hold. There are many android apps which we can get through Google play store and used for multiple purposes. Many works/tasks in an android device (of any version) can be done through apps. Some of the apps which we already discussed are

Today I am going to share something great for android users that are how to hide images and videos in an android device.

Is there any need to hide images and videos on your devices?

Yes, exactly. Everyone loves privacy, even you! If you are an android owner then you may be an active social user. I think you already had experienced this-travelling of devices through several hands (friends). So you may need privacy for particular images/videos instead of deleting them. I hope this is a useful article to all android users in terms of privacy.

You can hold images and videos out of others sight in two ways
1) Without any app and cost
2) With apps and without cost
How to hide images/videos in our android devices without any app and is it’s free. It is a complete non technical process and can be done without rooting your devices.


1) An android mobile
2) image/video which you want to hide
3) This non technical guide

Follow us to try this trick:

1) Take your android device into your hands
2) Select the particular image/video which you want to keep away from others view
3) Go to options (if you select an image then go for options (or) if you select a video then go for video options)
4) In options, we find a label rename which is used to change the existing name of that particular image or video
5) Click on rename and rename the name of image/video with any name of your wish, but the name should start with a dot (.)
6) For example, if the existing name of the image is backbench ideas, simply rename it by placing a dot in front of it which crop up like this (.backbench ideas)
7) You are done!! The image/video which you renamed is hidden
How this happens with a single dot (.)?
It is neither a rocket science nor a technical trick too. It is done just through our hands. Generally we never search for a particular image/video especially with their names. If you want to search we go through its name. For example if the name started with a dot (.), can we search the name along with dot? The answer is in such a way we can hide images/videos without using any apps from store

A point to remember:

 if you search for an n image along with dot (.) then is image/video is no more a secret as it will be revealed and you can folders in similar way too

How to hide images/videos through app?

There are many apps from Google play store but only some of them are worthy to use on our devices. The best one of them is vaulty
1)go to Google play store and inspect for the such apps by using search box and I hope vaulty is the worthy app that suits your android
2) So search for it and import it to your device by accepting all its terms
3) Once after installing the app you need to select a method. A method to access the app that mean you need to select what type of password you are going to choose for the app. Is is of your choice from provided options

4)click on hide images/videos in your app and select them which you want to hide and finally hit on the lock icon and hence the selected ones are hidden

My words:

 I prefer the first logical method to use (without app) than this. But if you have the friends who can check the mobile thoroughly then it’s better to install the app. You can install any worthy app instead of this but remember to read the allowances of the app carefully before installing

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Thursday, 8 January 2015

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how to change PC[windows] password without knowing old password

Everyone is curious to know the password details of others especially the passwords of their well-known friends. Aren’t you? Then follow this article to learn a new thing to fool/thrill your PC friends. Facebook is one of the biggest places to crack one’s privacy. Yeah what you heard is right and is a well -known thing but Face book getting smart day by day by increasing its privacy policies and terms. Recently we have posted a tip to secure your Face book account without any software

Curiosity for other’s passwords doesn’t lies with the platform that is it may be Face book password, twitter password etc. Today in this article I am going to share a new trick related to passwords which will shock your friends.

What did you get from this article?

This article teaches you “how to change the password of personal computers (PC’s) and laptops which works with windows operating system without knowing old password”. Is it possible to create a new password without knowing old password? But one of the backbenchers makes it possible with his experiments on his pc.
Note: This is not a hacking trick!! This is strictly for educational purpose. I hope all my readers would follow their ethics and never crack’s others privacy. If you want to try it just do it to shock/thrill your friends.


1) A personal computer (PC)/laptop with operating system
2) Any version of windows is ok
3) No need of any soft wares
4) Finally the following instructions which guides you

Steps to change the password of PC/laptop without knowing old password

Go to start menu

Click on computer right click manage

Confused!! Don’t worry here is a screen shot


  Go to system tools and click on local user and group
Double click on user and select the user appeared in the window


 After selecting the user give a right click on the user and click on set password
 Click on proceed to continue and see the magic.You are done!!

Hope it is the simple trick and you enjoy it! Share your words with us via comment section.
If you like it then share for us

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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

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education vs blogging

Education is an important phase in everyone’s life as our life starts after this phase the educational life of every student starts with a group of new friends [first day in college] and is continued with joy. Finally it ends with twists and sorrows. Everyone starts dreaming about their careers from here. Here in this article I want to introduce a career option for every student. Hope you will make use of this.

 What is education?

 I don’t want to waste much of your time. Education is a long and step wise process through which we can acquire knowledge. We not only gain knowledge through education but also through experiences. A bit of experiences and education is necessary to be a skilled person.

 Is education necessary?

 If you got this doubt then I am sure “you are not interested in education”. Yes, now a day’s education is a basic need to human beings along with food, shelter etc.The main purpose of education is for earning money and gaining knowledge parallelley. There is a popular post in Facebook which we often see in our newsfeed. I think you already have a look at it or even share it which describes about the educational qualifications of some famous personalities. Here are the two lines of that post which appeared to me!!
Bill gates didn’t complete even his university education, but he is the founder and owner of Microsoft
Zukerberg, founder of Face book is not good at education
Here is your question, but how did they build their career even though they are not good at education. ‘Yes they may be not good at colleges, universities but their love towards work and area of interest make it,  such as Bill gates is good at computer from his child age and mark zuker is interested in Hacking , programming’. According to me any one can be succeeded in their lives if they had love and interest towards their work.

 Did your education help’s you in building your future?

 This is not an answerable questions it depends upon one’s interest and style of acquiring it. I want to make you clear about a simple thing that reading at books alone cannot improve your knowledge but experiments and experiences using books can improve your knowledge. So I prefer education is just an aspect which helps in building one’s future.

 Are you not good at studies? Then?

 yeah, it is completely true that everyone is not good/interested at studies. The only option to those is to choose their areas of interest and to work on. It may be some hard to start work apart from education in teenage. Sometimes you have to ignore even your parents decisions to have a start up apart from education. You should be with patience after taking a decision.

 Is such person is equal to educated person?

 my answer is yes because the main purpose or indirect purpose of education is earning money for
Their livelihood. Both the persons can earn money along with fame.
Finally my conclusion is ’education is one of the option for us to survive but not the must need thing’.


how to copy text from image in 2 minutes?

 What is blogging?

 [Refer this paragraph in this article]It is also a form of acquiring knowledge along with money but we it need continuous effort and patience.

 Why to blog?

 here are the five reasons why should you blog.
1. Everyone wants to earn money and in his teenage, both can be achieved through blogging
2. Blogging is the better option for home based workers
3. No age limit, this is the only job without retirement
4. You can blog during your leisure timings
5. It is the best part time job particularly for students

 I am a student! Why should I choose blogging apart from many other jobs?

Blogging is related to education. A long time blogging gives you good knowledge. You can acquire knowledge during your blogging, so I personally prefer blogging as a part time/full time job to students. But it is not an easy task to start a blog and earn from it

 Can I enter blogging?

 Are you interested to enter blogging!!! Then Click here and create a blog for yourself.
These are the three basic but important things you needed to have a decent start in blogging
1. Patience
2. Good command over English language
3. love/interest on your work

 I had the skills what you said!! Can I quit my education?

 “You can earn millions of money in a year through blogging,but it needs nearly three years of hard work”- Neil Patel
It is a foolish idea to quit education for blogging. You can opt blogging as your career but there is no need quit your studies


According to me, every student can blog during their leisure time which gives a view of his future. I am sure if you start blogging without zero knowledge it will be change in your life. You can’t blog without basic education and you will eliminate from this competitive world without this weapon [education].

Share this to all friends and introduce them to blogging
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