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Saturday, 3 October 2015

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An MP3 song can hack 1 billion android phones easily!

Everyone loves android right!!This is somewhat shocking for every android user.Don't be screwed with the title,as here is my answer. Yes the android smart phones can be easily hacked with these recently detected bugs. Every version of android i.e. from the first version to latest version (lollipop) is vulnerable to hacking.
hack android

What are the bugs?

Android stage fright bug is back, the process of hacking an android through a sms is already detected by Joshua Drake, a Security researcher at Zimperium in July which is stage fright 1.
Now this flaw was detected which allows the attacker to hack the android by directing the user to a website which contain harmful multimedia files (mp3, mp4 etc) and this is the stage fright 2.Here is how to hide images in an android from others.

what is stage fright?

In simple words,It is a built in android media play back library used by android operating system to process,record and to play the multimedia files in an android device

How he stage fright 2.0 bug effects?

Both the discovered bugs (CVE-2015-6602 and CVE-2015-3876) existed in the android media play back engine called as stage fright which can effect the every android version.
Coming to the second bug, the attacker makes the victim to browse through the harmful websites which asks to download some of the mp3, mp4 files etc.the imported file (the file which is downloaded from the harmful websites) execute the bug and it allows the attacker to control the android remotely by executing the codes.
"Additionally, the attacker gains a foothold, from which they could conduct further local privilege escalation attacks and take complete control of the device," -zimperium

How the hackers are going to attack your android?

These are the vectors through which they can hack your android.
1) Webpage
2) man-in-the-middle-attack
3) third-party media player
4) Instant messaging apps
Google (the owner of android) is going to fix these bugs as soon as possible and as a part of it Google scheduled a meeting on October 5th to put a light on the discovered bugs for the nexus devices.
Google already shares the bugs report and patches with the OEM (original equipment manager) and soon we will receive the patches from the respective manufacturers.
Stay tuned to our blog to get updated details about these bugs and its worth to share this with your android friends.

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How to enable HTTPS for blogSpot blogs?

Here is something new and interesting!!Google updates blogger to one more level.yes! Now you can add HTTPS support to your blog spot blogs.
enable HTTPS for your blogspot

Note: you can only add HTTPS to your BlogSpot domains; it is still not available for the custom domains.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS is the short form of Hypertext transfer protocol secure. It is nothing but an internet protocol communication which increases the reliability and privacy of your users' data between the user's computer and the site. In brief if any of your website visitor enters the data on to your site that is via subscriptions or in any form HTTPS creates security and reliability between the visitor and the site. In one line it is good to add HTTPS to your BlogSpot blogs.

Is there any need to add HTTPS to the BlogSpot blogs?

My answer is for sure!!!And here are the reasons which support my answer.
1) It is a symbol of security and reliability between your visitor and the site
2) Data which is transferred through a HTTPS communication was protected with three layers
  • Encryption: There are two types of text; first one is unencrypted data which is called as plain text. There is no need of keys and passwords to access this kind of plain texts. The second one is encrypted data and is called as cipher text. It is the finest way to defend the data. You must need a password or key to read the data which is encrypted. In one word the encrypted data cannot be understandable by the unofficial persons.
  • Data integrity: The data can be protected up to a great extent and it cannot be corrupted during the data transfer. If it corrupted it can be easily detected.
  • Authentication: This feature helps in building a great communication between the site owner and his user. It avoids the third man attacks between the user and the website.

Want to know more about HTTPS readhere
More over HTTPS allow us to know more information about our visitors, i.e you can check whether your visitor is redirected to some other sites even after he searches for our site over the Google.
Before going to follow the steps just search for your blog over Google like this https://aaaa-blogspot-domain.blogspot .com.The result displayed is “page unavailable”. This proves that your BlogSpot blog cannot be opened with HTTPS connection

Procedure to enable HTTPS support for your blogger blogs:

1) As usual sign into your blogs using mail
2) Give a click on the settings, and now you are able to see about HTTPS settings there!!(Check the below image)
screen shot

3) Turn it on i.e. change to yes (check the below image)
screen shot 2

4) You are done!!Now you can view your blog in both HTTP and HTTPS connections.
This feature allows your blog readers to browse your site on an encrypted connection.

I hope you are interested to add this HTTPS support to your blogger blogs, but still if you want to unable the feature simply change yes to now(check image 2).
Now search for your BlogSpot blog in this way https://aaaa-blogspot-domain.blogspot .com
Now your search is available which proves that your blog will be browsed through both HTTP and HTTPS connections.

Add HTTPS and provide security and reliability to our visitors!!!Stay tuned for info about HTTPS for custom domains.

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// // Leave a Comment available,as someone bought it and owns it for a minute!!!

This is the interesting and shocking news which I came across earlier. It might be unbelievable for many and so I am providing the proofs. Coming to the point, an ordinary person managed to buy domain and completely owned it for more than a minute.yes, you heard it right.
Sanmay ved-he is an ex Google officer and present employee in Amazon experienced this and he became the one minute owner  of the domain “”which had the highest number of searches for more than  a minute.

How he own the domain for more than minute?

He is browsing about the Google domains and he found that “”is available and to his surprise the domain is available and is just for 12$.he expected an error message during his purchase but it simply displays the option to add to the cart and is for 12$.He completed the payment process and finally owns the domain without any error messages and difficulty. 
With In no time as he accessed to web master tools the inbox was flooded with the web master related messages and asking him to verify the owner ship.
The scary part was I had access to the web master controls for more than a minute-ved
But the sad part he received a mail regarding the cancellation of his order and refund from the Google domains, as Google personally owns all the Google domains, so it can still control all purchases which are done through it.
But it was still suspicious how the domain was available or may the search engine giant forget to renewal their domain. But any way an ordinary person owned Google for a minute which is a loll thing.check the complete proofs in his blogpost.
Here is the official article in his words, click here
Hope you are shocked, now it’s your time to make your friends boom with a share.

It’s a thing to remember, and was happened on September 29 2015 at 1:20 AM
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how to unlock the locked apps/hack the vault app

Well! Every android user want to secure his data from others as it is worth too. Android already had an inbuilt security system to secure the data that is pattern lock, setting pin, face lock etc. Now let’s discuss about the apps such as gallery, whatSapp, messenger, Facebook etc. Everyone wants to lock their chat data, personal pictures etc.

unlock the locked apps

Also read: How to hide images, albums,videos in an android device?

Play store provides a number of apps which provide you app lock settings!!You may be using it now. Best of them is
*. Vault
Android tip to boost your phone: it is not a rocket science to boost your android phone, the only thing you have to do is “smart internal memory usage”. Yes you got it right! So instead of installing third party external lock systems you can use boost apps such as 360 security, du speed booster, cm security etc. as they can lock our desired apps finally give priority to the apps which can perform multi tasks.
Ok alright!!You had installed vault or app lock or something!!!
Working of vault: it as an android app which is used to lock desired apps such as whatsapp, gallery etc. After installation it allows to set up a pattern or password which is followed by selection of apps which to be locked and you are done. Now when are trying to open the locked app it asks for the vault pattern or pin which you had recorded and now only the owner able to access them.
Let’s start the main part of our tutorial that is how to unlock the apps which are already locked!or how to hack the vault app!!
Yeah you heard it right. Yes we can unlock the app locks and can access the apps
Remember: first of all you have to the know the pattern lock of the home screen.


1) First of all it is not a coding work or some hacking is just a smart work
2) An android phone which you want to unlock
3) No external and third party software’s are required
4) This guide to do it simply

Note:you can access to all the locked folders by simply uninstalling the locking app i.e(vault etc which your victim uses),and it can can be easily detected by your victim.


So here the phone which I want to unlock is using “vault”.
1) First of all check the apps which you want to access, if it is locked then follow the steps
2) Go to “settings”
3) Click on “apps”

4) Swipe to “running apps”

5) Select the “vault” and give it a click
select vault

6) Click on “stop”
click on stop

You are done! Now all the services which are provided by the “vault” are disabled.
For example now of your victim is using some app “x”,repeat the above process until “step 4” and now click on the app “x” and “stop” it.all the functions of the app “x” are disabled and now you can access any app as they are locked too.
It is worth to share the article by an android user.
Let me know via comments section, if you are facing any problem while unlocking.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

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Unlist mobile number from true caller

The things which puts you in depression while using mobiles are wrong calls and wrong I right? Yes everyone along with me is curious to know the owner details of an unknown number.
unlist your number from true caller
 I suggest you to go through the article before getting into this for a better understanding.
We had already discussed about the true caller, and I am going to teach you how to unlist your mobile number in true caller? or how to delete your mobile number from true caller.This article is especially for the people who feels insecure as someone share their number to the true caller directory.

What is unlist of a number from true caller?

By installing the true caller all your address book will be uploaded to their mobile directory and now if you want to remove your particular mobile number from true caller directory, it provides an option named unlist to remove your number from the true is more simple to remove a mobile number from the directory as it directly provides the option to unlist.

Proedure to unlist your number from true caller directory:

  • click here and it will be directed to the unlist page of true caller

                      Click here for the truecaller unlist form

  • fill the given empty box with your mobile number which you want to unlist (check screenshot 1)
    screen shot

  • Tick the proper reason for removing your mobile number form the directory (check screenshot 1)
  • If your reason is apart from the given reasons type it in the ‘other’ box which is provided below 
  • Enter the provided captcha code correctly.
  • after providing the required details just click on the unlist which is below the captcha code and you are done. 
After clicking on the unlist wait for 3 hours and then search for your number in the true caller to check the result.
I hope I had cleared all your doubts about true caller and its working with my 2 articles, if you had any feel free to contact me via comment section.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

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get owner details of any unknown number in less than a minute

Hello buddies!!Today I came up with a most wanted solution for the present day mobile user’s i.e. how to trace the owner of the mobile number.
trace the details of a unknown mobile number

Before going into the article I wanna confirm you a few things!!
  • No mobile operator can provide you the owner details of a mobile number.
  • They only reveal the details to the officials that to for specific usage.

Here I am going to reveal two methods through which you may be succeeded
This article consists of the following contents:
  1. How to trace the owner details of an unknown mobile number through Facebook?
  2. how to get the owner details of a number via true caller?
  3. how does the true caller system works?

Through Facebook:

Note: I am not sure whether you may get the accurate details or not because it depends upon the Facebook account, but still there are good chances to know the details. Think there may be no loss in giving a try!!!
Well, everyone has a Facebook account. Am I right? Facebook had already added the feature to create a Facebook account using mobile number and there is an option to add the contact details to your Facebook account.
And here is the logic, if you are getting calls from the unknown number follow the simple steps
  1. Login to your Facebook account through any browser (no browser is recommended, you can use any)
  2.  Go to the search box which is at the top of the page
  3. Type the number from which you got the call
  4. If the particular number is associated with any Facebook account, it displays the account and we can find his/her details.
  5. trace_mobile_number_through_fb
    facebook search result


Yes!!There are a lot of disadvantages which are listed below, but I still prefer to use this as there is possibility to get the accurate results too.
  •   If the mobile number is associated to someone’account (may be their relatives, friends etc.)There is a chance of getting the wrong details.
  • If it is a newly registered mobile number the chances of having a Facebook account associated the number are low.
  • Some may are not interested in adding their contact details to the Facebook (mostly many men are interested to add
Although it has disadvantages I still prefer it as I don’t want you to miss the chance.

Through true caller:

This is the most popular application what I have heard in last few is TRUECALEER.yes, it was right! Every one became to know about it as an unknown number detector and it is worth having the application in the mobile.
True caller is an application which is developed by true software Scandinavia AB and is available for android, black berry, IOS, series 40, Symbian and windows platforms and it provides extra features to the users on the call log system.
Here are the same features which are provided by the TRUECALLER
  • Searches the requested number in their contact list
  • You can see who is calling in live (the name of the person is appeared on the screen)
  • You can block the calls from which you don’t want

How to use it:

  1. just go the apps store (based upon your platform)
  2. search for the true caller and import it to your device
  3. create an account for yourself and fill with the required details

Be happy without fake calls and can find the owners of unknown mobile numbers and you can give them a boom.
Note: yeah you can get owner details of any mobile number using truecaller.if you are just shocked you can continue the reading to make it cleared.
Surprised!!Yes really it is an awesome work from the app makers and here is the complete working of true caller application which is trending now!!
True caller is built with a huge server in which all the contacts are saved. Whenever you are going to install the app on your device (it may be any platform) it asks you to allow the app to read the contact list and we agree the terms and install the app right! Yes this is exactly what we do. Whenever you installs the app it upload a copy of your phonebook into their server. This is the way how they collect the contact and the owner we save the numbers on their original names and so we will get the accurate owner details of the mobile number.
Here is a simple example which will clear all your doubts. Let personA and personB installed true caller on their devices and their phone book is uploaded to the server of true caller. Both the persons have the same contact but with different names that is 9010098192 is saved as tk by personA and stk by person. If someone searches for the same number it displays the name as “stk” (it considers in the alphabetical order).
This is how the true caller works and this the best way to get the owner details of unknown numbers which I found till now.
Hope this article may help you in finding the owner details of the unknown mobile number.

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

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Never pay for recharges-beginner`s guide

Recharges!!!Which causes a pain for the Smartphone users?
Discounts!!!Everyone needs this as we love t o save our money.
Am I right? It is true that everyone wants to save money during the mobile recharges, online shopping etc. If you are one of the Smartphone users who are thinking about free recharges then this article is especially for you. FREE RECHARGE; yes what you heard is right. Every Smartphone had a chance to get free charges and the sources are listed below along with useful and working tips.
never pay for recharges

1. Free recharges
2. Online shopping discounts
Make yourself with following to get free recharges and to save your money through your Smartphone:
1. The first requirement is, you must be a smart user of the mobile.
2. Download the apps which are listed below only from the official play store (Google Play Store)
3. Search for the related website coupons before purchasing a thing in online
Here is a complete list of some coupon websites
Coupon dunia,


Using Smartphone's doesn`t make you smart. Start on to this article. come on, let`s unite and say "we never pay for recharges".

Did free recharges are possible? How?

Remember a thing!!You can`t get nothing for free that mean even some work is required to get free charges. Yes there are many sources to get free recharges and here is the answer for how we get these recharges for free? There are several companies outside which offer you special free recharges by installing their official apps on your mobile. We are sorry to say that it is not possible to place that list of apps as every company is busy in releasing their official apps.
NOTE: Every app whose life time is less (newly released app) offers special recharges or cash backs on installing it on our devices. Remember there is no harm in installing these apps from the play store as they are offering only for promotional purposes.
This is the one of the best way to get special recharges and cash backs through your smart device`s.

here is the list of apps click here(this is a PDF file made by me with help of google)
search for the particular app to get the official downloading page

Points to remember:

1. Don`t click on every app link which is referred by your friends. It may be harm. It's better to get the app from the official store
2. Cash backs will be awarded in specified time!!You should be with patience
3. In some of the apps such as paytm you can make money to your wallet and can be transferred to your bank accounts to collect cash
4. Some coupons during recharge may not work if you are not up to requirements
5. Stay connected with this website to get the frequent discount coupons to your mail .
6. It is not possible to get (you can get very rarely) the special recharge discounts from the personal computer`s (laptops) and from their official web versions that is we can get more offers from paytm app rather than paytm (.)Com

Online shopping:

Online shopping had increased a lot as they care for the customers and their products. But the question is you benefited with online shopping? You should be careful and smart before buying a thing in online such as you should buy that particular product at low prices when compared to offline prices. Yes I always suggest you the online shopping especially from their official apps and here are the reasons.

here is the list of coupon sites click here(PDF file)

Things to be done before buying a product in online for huge discount:

For example you are going to buy a mobile in online(Amazon) and your budget is 10K .Here are some tips to get the same mobile for rs.8500+(you can easily get discount up to 1000).Here are the steps.
First of all wait for the festival days to get maximum discounts on any product from any online shopping website.
1. Download the official app of that website (Here it is Amazon) on to your smart mobile
2. Before opening the installed app check through the above listed websites for special offers.
Note: some coupons are only applicable for the first time when the app is installed.
3. After completing the first two steps next check the discounts on the particular product from the listed websites. Here check for the coupon codes available for the mobiles.
4. Apply the coupon codes while shipping and see at the price bar, at present many online online shopping websites offer you the discount codes and referral money.
Referral money: The money/credits which you get through promoting the app.
5. Always use debit card for paying as you get some discount on paying through it.
There are still many ways and offers to down your product price during shopping in online. So I hope this article will helps you in giving you an idea about getting free charges and discounts. It`s time to say "we never pay for recharges because we became smart by using our Smartphone's".
Share this useful stuff to all of your smart friends and be the boss among your friends.

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Friday, 12 June 2015

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interview with varsha bansal-the smart story writer and blogger

Well!!!Today you have something new.
First of all, happy first anniversary to backbench ideas and as our gift today we have VARSHA BANSAL in front of us to motivate us and this is the first interview on this blog
Welcome varsha!! I am excited and thankful as you are here on my blog.
interview 1:with varsha bansal

Let`s start with the formal question!!Can you please introduce yourself to my readers?
Hello Friends, Myself Varsha Bansal from the Center of India, Korba Chhattisgarh. I can describe myself straight- forward, creative, self possessive, and have the very positive attitude towards my life.

What about your past life, I mean say about your life behind the profession?
Behind my profession I am very simple, love to talk and hangout with friends and family, very bubbly like to tease my friends and siblings with my silly jokes, like to cook new dishes and love to do crazy adventures with my friends

At first you are a blogger (just started blogger) but slowly leaned towards story writing!!What is the reason behind this?
As I started blogging to give establishment for my writing career only and by god mercy I get success too and here I would like to thanks a person Jai Singh Marwa Director of IIEBM college of Pune because he was the first official person who had appreciated me for my writing and motivated me to start my own blog.

It is easy to dream but difficult to do!!! I think I am right!!Let us know about the initial days of your career.
I think if we dream we can, because once you started and you are assure that you can do than there is no obstacles, as I started my writing career in May 2013 yes in the initial days hardly people understand me and my writing but by mercy of god I am gifted with a lovely family and friends who supported me irrespective anything else and yes god shows me the path always for my passion and dream J

What are the situations you faced during your first story publication?
As when I started I was very excited but I am kind of a person who gets bored easily which was a big challenge for me to continue with the same story because at the time of writing “Miss To Mrs Agarwal”, hundred other concepts came in my mind and I have to focus a lot to carry on with the same story. And if we talk about publication than yes I face many rejections, whenever I rejected I remember TajMahal and J.K. Rowling as Taj Mahal is called the seven Wonders Of World and takes 20 years to complete so I believe the beautiful things takes time and we all know about J.K. Rowling that she was rejected for 12 times for the Harry Potter.

I go through your stories; they usually build from the concept of love!!Yes? Why so?
Heheheeh , umm as it is not wholly correct I write on different genre too and if we talk about love stories, so mine problem is that whatever came in my mind I pen it down (lol)

 Varsha ji!!if you are left in a desert for a few days(alone)which books did you like to take along with you (or) Did you start a new story?(hehehe)
Hehheh, I will like to write a new story and I will name it as “Life in sand”, hehehheh J

What is your way of thinking to write a story? What things did you consider and finally how much time it takes for you to complete a whole story?
Actually I always suppose any story with the scene rather than subject, that is scene comes in my mind and I tried to give it a shape and thus the story created, hehehaha J

Can you please describe about online reputation!!What is the role of social media in building your career? Your suggestions for youth on using social media? (Varsha insert screen shots if you think they are necessary here)
I think online media can plays a big role in anyone is life and for me it is a blessing, I connect with many broadminded writers, peoples and friends who are today equal to my real life friends thanks to face book and mark zuckerburg too, heheheh

Women in the field of technology!!!It sounds good. Your words on this statement?
Yes, it sounds cool, good, the best all you can say but as I am not having much knowledge of technology so I cannot describe it more. J
varsha infograph

Can you say any words for our readers through which which I want to inspire them!
Dream every minute, pal and suppose you are living it because all the power is within you and believe yourself and your god always.

Backbench ideas, recently turns into one. Your words about our website?
Firstly heartly congratulations to Backbench ideas for completing one year and it is really a nice blog , I read your articles too which is very useful and the way you explain your article is really efficient and I wish that your site become the India’s no. 1 site soon. J

 Can you give a chance to publish your book directly if my website is in good position!!?

grab a watch for discount here

Sure and it will be pleasure for me J

Me!!As an owner of this website requesting you to write a story about yourself which is useful for the beginner’s (especially for the ladies)
Omg, thank you for such words and wish one day I reached that height that I can write about myself that inspires the beginner’s.

Thank you much varsha for your interview
Thank you Tk for the interview and it was really pleasure to talk with you J
How much did you rate this interview and it will help us in making more interviews
Your valuable feedbacks are allowed and are appreciated.
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Friday, 15 May 2015

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how to use two whatsapp/multiple whatsapp accounts on a single mobile

WhatsApp-the best personal messaging client which allows its users to chat and care for our sharing’s (used to share HD images, videos) etc. Every user of the smartphone prefer WhatsApp when equated with messaging clients due to its user friendliness and its simplicity.
These are the often thoughts/queries of every WhatsApp user:
1. Is it possible to use 2 WhatsApp accounts on a dual sim card phone?
2. Can`t we access multiple WhatsApp accounts from mobile (logout WhatsApp)?

These two are the most annoying things about WhatsApp. If you are using a dual-sim android mobile then, using WhatsApp only through a single mobile number is the most frustrating thing for most of the users. This article which deals about “using multiple WhatsApp accounts on a mobile”.
Coming to the tutorial, here are the two methods through which you can use multiple WhatsApp accounts on a mobile (2 WhatsApp accounts for a dual-sim android device).The following are the working, secured and tested methods.
Method 1: By using OGWhatsApp on the mobile, No need of rooting for this method.
Method 2(this method needs rooting of the device): by using switchMe app on the mobile. I personally prefer method 1 for two strong reasons
1. This method doesn’t need any kind of rooting which is easy for you and safe for your mobile
2. As I used it I can say it is easy and the best method to use (tested).

2 WhatsApp accounts on a dual sim mobile using method 1:

What is OGWhatsapp? Is it safe by using it on my mobile?
This may be the first question raised for you and here is the answer.OGWhatsapp is an android app which allow the android users to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on your mobile without rooting.

Follow our steps to run 2 whatsapp accounts on your device:

1. First of all you need to back up your WhatsApp conversations. WhatsApp generally backup your conversations automatically in your device. You can backup your whatsapp conversations manually, click on its menu (on the right top in WhatsApp).”Settings” -> “chat settings” and then -> “backup conversations”. You are done and this backup file can be saved as “msgstore.db.crypt7” in your WhatsApp folder. It is easy to access if you rename it.

2. Now follow the steps carefully, here the process starts. Clear all your WhatsApp data in your apps management (settings->apps management->WhatsApp->clear data).
3. Retitle the WhatsApp directory to OGWhatsApp that is from SD card/WhatsApp directory/ to SD card/OGWhatsApp.

4. Now it’s time to uninstall your original WhatsApp (backup and uninstall the app)
5. Install the OGWhatsapp .
                For android users click here
                For windows users click here
6. After installation verify your previous WhatsApp account number
Important: you must only verify your previous WhatsApp number in OGWhatsApp
7. Reinstall the official WhatsApp from play store (install official WhatsApp from here) and now verify your second mobile number.
Surprised!!!Start using dual whatsapp accounts on your dual sim mobiles

Method 2: run multiple whatsapp accounts on your device

Remember: to use this method your smartphone must be rooted.

What is switchme?

Switchme is an android app for the smartphone users which allow the WhatsApp users to use multiple WhatsApp accounts from the mobile. It provides login and logout options for the WhatsApp such as you can access multiple accounts.

Steps to be followed to use multiple WhatsApp accounts:

1. Make your smartphone ready by rooting and you need to install the official WhatsApp to start the process.
2. Import switchme multiple accounts on to your mobile, after installation you need to accept the terms.
3. Create a profile on your name to yourself in swithme such that the account will be an administrator account for all the existing apps.Install WhatsApp with swithme account and be the administrator account to the WhatsApp.

4. Now create an account in switchmen and then choose the “switch” option from this second switchme account.
5. It’s time to restart your phone and after it install the official WhatsApp from play store and use the another number to create a new WhatsApp here to install switch me
And thus this way you can run multiple WhatsApp accounts on your mobile.

grab a watch for discount here

Share it to all your WhatsApp friends.
Easy installation, happy using.

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