how to accept credit/debit cards on your website

how to accept credit/debit cards on your website

Do you own a website? Then you must read this article to learn a new thing! I am happy to hear that bloggers are increasing day by day in number throughout the world with a motto of earning.

Who can be called as a blogger?
(Every one who owns a blog should not be called as a blogger)!!

The answer of the pro bloggers may be like this he/she having Seo  knowledge +content writing skills patience can be called as a blogger

"in my words a blogger is a fellow who always keeps on exploring knowledge and a true blogger is respected everywhere that is even by Google "

                     Any way, if you are a blogger by owning a site of any niche that is technology, health, business etc then this article is for you am sure , this article will boost your website to one more step.

Coming to the tutorial,
If you are an owner of a website of any niche having good number of loyal visitors, then it is your duty to keep visitors stick to your website may be through content, contests.

Do you have an idea of selling products through your own website?
Are you dreaming, to start an e-commerce website?

Then go through this article…
This article deals with “how to accept credit/debit card on your websites”?Now you are going to learn these here… 
  1.  What is an e-commerce website?
  2. What are the requirements to accept credit cards on your website?
  3. Own merchant account Vs payment gateway

1.E-commerce website:

A website through which we can sell our products and goods to the requested customers and accepting payment via credit cards can be considered as an e-commerce website.
Some of the trending e-commerce websites are Amazon, flip kart, snap deal etc

2.Requirements to accept credit/debit cards on your website:

Before selling your products/goods through your site, there is a need to install some things which are kike means of transport between your customer and website to transfer money.The following are the requirements and each is clearly explained here
  • Merchant account
  • Payment gateway
  • Payment processor

Merchant account:

Don’t get fused with this word, merchant account is nothing but a type of bank account which helps in receiving payments through cards. For signing/opening a merchant account in any bank, he (the holder of merchant account) should agree the list of terms of that merchant acquiring bank. Creating a merchant account varies from bank to bank and from region to region. So it is better to consult your nearby bank.

Payment gateway:

This may be a new word for you. payment gateway is just a merchant account which passes transaction details/billing details to payment processor(scroll down to know about payment processor).the difference is a merchant should be managed by the owner itself which involves a lot of risks where as in payment gateway you have to sign for a trusted third party to look after your transactions
Some of the payment gateways are Paypal,, E-way etc…

Payment processor:

There is no such as a large difference between payment gateway and payment processor .There may be a little confusion between payment gateway and payment processor but it is important part of this article.
Stay concentrated…
A payment processor is like a person appointed by an owner (owner of website) to look after the transactions.
                                                                   Here is a small example removing all your confusions and doubts. Assume that you are buying a product ‘x’ at a website ‘y’. After selection of product/good billing page appears in front of you to fill all incomplete details. Whenever you filled up your details, payment gateway transfer this information to the payment processor and processor to related bank (bank through which your credit card is working).after checking all the particulars, if the bank accepts your request then you are able to buy that selected product. If the bank rejects with lack of details “transaction declined” will e appeared in front of you.
                                             during  grabbing knowledge all about these, a small doubt may arises for you that is what to select “an own merchant account or payment gateway”, stay connected to clear your confusion.

3.Own merchant account Vs payment gateway:

The work done by both is similar that is passing billing information o processor.
If you prefer a own merchant account then go through this
  • If you own a merchant account, you have to look after all transactions
  • You have to invest that is setup fees at very initial days
  • You have to check the security terms such as if the card is genuine or not? Is the user genuine or not?
  • If customer is fake then risk will be your relative
  • A lot of pressure on you, finally a fresher cannot manage his own merchant account

I always prefer you a payment gateway why because is

  • A trusted third party looks after all the transactions
  • No setup fee as it is free to open
  • The payment gateway looks after the security terms and keeps you relax
  • There is no chance of receiving a fake customer
  • If your account is filled with $$$$ that is enough to redeem, then you can receive a cheque worth’s your work.

So, with all those I personally prefer payment gateway 
I hope you all have enjoyed this informative tutorial,please make us grow with your shares

if you have any doubts feel free to consult back benchers via our news letter

how to open a account in payment gateway?will e striking soon here....

amazon-intresting facts

amazon-intresting facts

The following is the informative tutorial which starts with conversation between two people
A: hey, how are you am surprised to see that music album in your hands.
B: I am fine. What are you talking about?
A: I am talking about the music album which is in your hands’ searched for it for months and become tired. How you got it?
B: ohm, I bought it from Amazon yesterday
  • Three hundred orders from customers per second
  • Global market worth’s 150 million dollars and it stands beside the Google, Microsoft, face book, apple
  • Any product which is available on the globe should be sold by us to the people-Amazon

This informative tutorial is here as it recently completed its 20 years of journey
Amazon…it is the leading ecommerce website trending out now on the internet. So I want to share some of the interesting facts about it along with it’s or gin
Jeff bejose-founder of
Jaclyn-mother of Jeff
Ted Jorgensen-father of Jeff
Occupation of parents-parents is employees at a private bank in New Mexico
                Jaclyn, mother of Jeff may be 18 years old separated from her husband along with her child (Jeff) and married mike bejose who is a hard worker
At the time of marriage, jacklin had already a son through ted Jorgensen that is Jeff; still mike invited her along with her son into his life. Parents recognized the skill of Jeff and encouraged him in his activities
He persuaded his education in Florida and completed his engineering at Princeton University
He had worded in a small company in an America where he found his life partner McKenzie and gained some experience about the likes and dislikes of a customer.
                                         After a long struggle, and salary as his investment he laid the foundations for the Amazon
In Amazon office:
It is a bit difficult to get a job (or) to work at Amazon when compares to the apple, Microsoft etc
Are you lazy (or) incompetent?
Are you trying to take credit for something you had nothing to do with?
These are common words which are often heard from the Jeff cabin
This is a small example to say about Amazon office which I had read earlier.
Dear Jeff bezos,
                                  I had ordered a French perfume last week which should be gifted to my daughter on her birthday. But the gift is not delivered by you in time
                                                                                                   Bye Amazon
This is the mail send by a customer to Jeff whenever he received a mail with? It will be forward to the consultant office and will be questioned hardly about its delay.
I hope that this example helps you to have a clear view about Amazon office

Interesting facts about Amazon:

1) Power point presentations are avoided at amazon, every officer along with ceo have to place their ideas on the paper
2) Amazon workers / officers walk 13 kilometers /day in the office (that is on his work basis)
3) Amazon was started in an old house in America with 2 computers and 2 engineers
4) Jeff donated a huge amount of dollars for a foundation who are constructing an unstoppable clock (for 10000 years) in western Texas

5) If there are 10 internet users 6 are the customers of Amazon (in America)
6) Jeff official mail is known to all who are connected with Amazon
7) During initial day’s only books, music albums are available at Amazon
Factors that made Amazon unique:
The following are the views of Jeff and also the factors which made the Amazon to stand in a unique position
1) Customer is god
2) Every product which is available on earth should be sold through us-aim of Amazon
3) Price do not consider quality here
4) Every skilled business official doesn’t thinks about the change occurred in future (may affect his business) he starts his business on a thing which is unchanged for ever
5) Reviews for various products by Jeff are realistic
6) One click software is created by Amazon for its customers (to do deals with a single click)
7) Do you know Jeff didn’t forget his first customer-this shows his respect for customers?
8) Customer should not be tired by searching for a single product. He should have to cart his product without any confusion with in a single click-this leads to success of Amazon

i hope that you will enough good information about the leading ecommerce website

if you know any other let me know via comment section

hope you share us 

thank you

how to install any android app on your pc

how to install any android app on your pc

Are you dreaming to have a PC or lap top of your own in your hands??
Many of the answer is “yes”
But if you are awarded a budget of 20k from your parents then you surely dream of owning an attractive shiny android or tab.
To which you get attracted??
It is a bit difficult question to say and to some it is an answer less question. Coming to the discussion, which is really useful and advantageous a tab or PC??
Why major of the people vote to TAB??
Many of the answers are TAB because it is easy to manage in hands during travelling and it looks attractive in hands.
Many of the social apps borning day by day which we installed on our tabs. But there are no official software’s to enjoy them on PC.

Do you still dream of owning a PC??
Yes you are at the right place where your dreams are valued and you are benefited
Now days it is not a difficult task to install android apps such as BBM, HIKE, WE CHAT etc on your pc
You may also read this type of tutorials in Google but you can get better results here as this tutorial is solution for many of your dreams

Why I have to read this post?

1) You may already search for how to install a particular android app on your pc in Google. But the very next day you are interested in installing some another app and start your search again
2) This type of process for searching and installing sucks your valuable time and you may also find different type of methods to install apps which leads you to the confusion
3) This is a completely non technical guide who helps you to install any android app on your pc or lap top
4) This saves your much time and I am sure it is efficient and easy and it works effectively on pc too such as how it works on android
5) This guide makes your desire alive to have a PC or lippie with you and using it effectively equally to a tab

1) A own lap top or personal computer
2) A desire or wish to use android apps on your pc
3) An android emulator “bluestacks” which is a means of import
4) Finally this guide to show you the way
If you have all these then

follow our words
1) Turn on your pc and connect to the internet
2) Start browsing from any of your browsers and download any android emulator.
If you are completely aware of android emulator my suggestion is “blue stacks”

3) You need to select your os before installing it from its official page
4) After installation of blue stacks, run it now on your pc
5) A number of options appear before you and you have to select the search box
6) Search for any app you needed
7) After selecting an app you need to install it from its official page that is from Google play store
8) Then select the “Google play store” from the given list of options and you are directed to the official downloading page
9) Click on it and import any android app on to your desktop and start using

This tutorial is to all PC  users using win 7/8/XP/vista/Mac

I hope you have imported your favorite app successfully by this guide

Share it to all your buddies and please feel free to contact us if you have any problems while following this tutorial /say your words via comment section
My words:
Now a day’s every one generally prefers a tab than a PC
But remember “your smart phone worth’s nothing without useful  applications”

how to copy text from image

how to copy text from image

Hello readers today we are back with an awesome post related to students which will help in solving their major problem during the exams
There is no need to discuss about the impact of technology on the smart students as it is a well known topic. It boosts up one’s individual ideas.
But the question is how many of you using technology will a good positive thoughts or in an effective way??
If your answer is “yes”, then I am sure that this tutorial definitely entertains you and boosts you to solve the major problem during their exams.
Coming to the tutorial,
Firstly I like to share my experience briefly which makes me to present this tutorial in front of you. I have completed my exams recently and I never bother about the result. But the things which made me to think are. . .
This may be experienced by all during their student life “75% of the students belonging to a class feel irritated to write the class works, notes etc.the fact is only 25% of our mate’s shows interest in completing their notes”
                                         Here the problem arises during the examinations. The night before the exam . . . you sit in front of your note books which contain the empty pages then we think of having and writing notes.
As we are the students of smart era we can use social media effectively to receive some snap shots/pics of the notes from our friends. This is the same work done by me BUT THE THING WHICH MADE ME THINK IS “cant we separate or copy the text from the image which is better than zooming” 

Why should I read this post??
This may be the first idea raised in your mind just follow why it is . . . .
1) You can solve your major problem during exams or anywhere in no time(less than 10 seconds)
2) It increases your ability of using technology in an effective way
3) You are economically saved by this post (that is you need not to spend any money to do this task. It’s absolutely free)
4) The image which is send to your buddies through any means (face book, whatsapp, mail etc) is not considered.
5) No need to install any soft wares
6) It is simple to non technical people too
7) Your technical skills does not matter here it can be easily executed
8) No need to register any where it is an online free tool

Be a little careful here . . . . Key points ahead
1) The image should not be a low quality one (if it is you can’t get the text properly)
2) The format of the image should be PDF, JPG, GIF, TIFF and BMP
3) The size of the image should be less than 2 mb
4) Finally you need this guide to show the way for you

Follow the steps:
1) First make an image ready from which you want to separate the text
2) Check whether the image has all qualities which are discussed in requirement section
3) If it is OK then click on the below link
                     ------click here-----

4) UPLOAD the image via BROWSE option
5) SELECT THE LANGUAGE and the text appears in selected language
6) Enter the CAPCHA coed care fully
7) Click on “SEND FILE”
8) You are done. Scroll down and you can’t believe your eyes as the text appears in front of you in selected language

I hope you have enjoyed the post and please share this useful tip to all the students. Say your words via comment section and rate this post how much it is useful for you.

My words: this post will boost up young minds to make a step in this competitive world via technology.

Now a days the standard of a student worth’s nothing without technology and internet

how to protect your blog from copiers

how to protect your blog from copiers

Hello readers,

We have already posted an awesome trick related to blog’s that is back up of blog
Today we are back with an awesome blogging trick it is a 100%useful trick to all mainly to bloggers
You may have experienced many times that the content present in your blog is copied
The content copied from the blog without knowing is used in many ways such as
If we consider face book many admin of the pages collect the data from the blogs and post in their pages under their names
This will irritate the bloggers a little
So we will discuss about how to prevent others from copying our content and images
Actually it is an impossible task to prevent them but our steps make them difficult to copy our content and images as we hope that TRYING SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN SITTING IDLE
Let us discuss about the tutorial how to prevent copiers from stealing our content??
These are main parts which are copied from our blog very easily, let us make them difficult to copy from our blog’s

There are three major ways to copy an article
1) select-copy-paste
2) select-drag-drop
3) RSS feed

Let’s discuss how to prevent them to some extent

The way to prevent them is to DISABLE RIGHT CLICK IN OUR BLOG’S

Just follow our steps: to disable right click

1) Log in to your blog

2) Go to blogger dash board-->lay out-->add a gadget

3) Select HTML/JavaScript. Add the code which is below to disable right click on your whole blog
<script language="JavaScript"> <!-- //Disable right click script by var message=""; /////////////////////////////////// function clickIE() {if (document.all) {(message);return false;}} function clickNS(e) {if (document.layers||(document.getElementById&&!document.all)) { if (e.which==2||e.which==3) {(message);return false;}}} if (document.layers) {document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN);document.onmousedown=clickNS;} else{document.onmouseup=clickNS;document.oncontextmenu=clickIE;} document.oncontextmenu=new Function("return false") // --> </script>

After adding the code save the settings to the blog

Note: this is only to disable right click on the articles present in your blog

Now let us learn how to save your images from the hands of copiers

It is not so difficult as it is similar to the above process, if you are successful in following the above steps then 
let’s try this too , to disable right click on images of your blog

Follow our steps: to disable right click on images

11)Go to template
e2)edit HTML and paste the following code right to the </head>tag to disable right click on all images of your blog

 <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ function nocontext(e) { var clickedTag = (e==null) ? event.srcElement.tagName :; if (clickedTag == "IMG") { alert(alertMsg); return false; } } var alertMsg = "Image context menu is disabled"; document.oncontextmenu = nocontext; //]]> </script>
It’s done
You have done your part to save your blog from the copiers
Remember: no one can stop the copiers from coping by any soft wares, codes etc. but we can make them difficult to do their work on our blogs
This work is just our duty to protect our blogs
If you are using any new methods or techniques to protect your blog from copiers please feel free to contact us or just leave a comment about this
Spread our words to develop us


change your blog colour automatically

change your blog colour automatically

Hello readers
 we hope that you may make use of our last post
 From the last two weeks we have explored the awesome android apps and presents in front of you,
 finally its turn to post some thing different which will be useful. So today we came with a new blogging trick

What is blog??

If you are a fresher find your answer here
BLOG it is a platform where we apply our ideas to our words to communicate with the world and also it’s a place where we invest our ideas and work

I think now you may have got a view about blog 

Coming to the tutorial, today we will discuss about an amazing blog trick which helps your blogs to stand in a unique position

You may be bored with existing templates and habituated in changing them2 or 3 times per week. 
Yes it is right every blogger thinks how to update his blog with attracting templates to attracts the viewers.   
 Yes all your ideas to attracts the readers with blogs look is possible without changing templates

The tutorial is about changing your blogs background colour automatically

 It   means if a visitor is reading an article in your blog and your blog background colour is red (may 
be any colour), if he (reader) clicks on refresh or click on next page your blog’s background is 
changed automatically

It does need any soft wares, it needs just a code to apply

We are sure that it doesn’t effects your blog page speed, your posts, your template

Are you still thinking it as fake news then BACKUP YOUR BLOG and then continue our steps to 

make your blog a unique one

--you should own a blog
--a little knowledge of changing templates
--a little knowledge about adding a gadgets in layout
--should know about your blog’s background colour
This knowledge is enough to apply our words to your blog

--First delete your existing background colour code
·         Here you may have a question about how to delete blog’s background colour???
·         Here is the answer for your question
--First login to your blog
--go to templates-->edit HTML
--search for the body tag in the your blog template
--delete the code present in it
Your are almost done
You have successfully deleted your existing blog background

now how to enter the following code to change its colours automatically

1)Log in to Blogger => Go to Template => Click on Edit HTML.

2)Search for ]]></b:skin> < by pressing Ctrl + F.

Replace the code of your blog background with our code

body {
 animation: colorBackground 20s infinite; /* Chrome, Firefox 16+, IE 10+, Opera 12.10+ */
 -webkit-animation: colorBackground 20s infinite; /* Chrome, Safari 5+ */
 -moz-animation: colorBackground 20s infinite; /* Firefox 5-15 */
 -o-animation: colorBackground 20s infinite; /* Opera 12.00 */
@keyframes colorBackground {
 0% { background-color: #fbcf61; color: #fbcf61; }
 20% { background-color: #6bd57e; color: #6bd57e; }
 40% { background-color: #ff6f6f; color: #ff6f6f; }
 60% { background-color: #57cff4; color: #57cff4; }
 80% { background-color: #0ed4c8; color: #0ed4c8; }
 100% { background-color: #fbcf61; color: #fbcf61; }
 @-webkit-keyframes colorBackground {
 0% { background-color: #fbcf61; color: #fbcf61; }
 20% { background-color: #6bd57e; color: #6bd57e; }
 40% { background-color: #ff6f6f; color: #ff6f6f; }
 60% { background-color: #57cff4; color: #57cff4; }
 80% { background-color: #0ed4c8; color: #0ed4c8; }
 100% { background-color: #fbcf61; color: #fbcf61; }
 @-moz-keyframes colorBackground {
 0% { background-color: #fbcf61; color: #fbcf61; }
 20% { background-color: #6bd57e; color: #6bd57e; }
 40% { background-color: #ff6f6f; color: #ff6f6f; }
 60% { background-color: #57cff4; color: #57cff4; }
 80% { background-color: #0ed4c8; color: #0ed4c8; }
 100% { background-color: #fbcf61; color: #fbcf61; }
 @-o-keyframes colorBackground {
 0% { background-color: #fbcf61; color: #fbcf61; }
 20% { background-color: #6bd57e; color: #6bd57e; }
 40% { background-color: #ff6f6f; color: #ff6f6f; }
 60% { background-color: #57cff4; color: #57cff4; }
 80% { background-color: #0ed4c8; color: #0ed4c8; }
 100% { background-color: #fbcf61; color: #fbcf61; }

how to delete locked widgets in blogger

how to delete locked widgets in blogger

Do you have a newly started blog??
Are you a fresher in blogging??
Do you Installed a template having locked widgets?

Is there an unnecessary widget for in your template (having locked widgets)??

Every blog needs a template to attract the Readers eyes so every blogger searches for a good template to make his or her blog unique
The real question is here how to select a good template??
Did it contain widgets or not (already locked widget)
The fresher who just started his career in this field looks to reduce their task (work) and shows intrest in selecting a template in which already widgets are installed
·         Note this selecting such a template is not a wrong decision  at all
After experiencing a short term of his blogging career then he thinks of installing new widgets instead of locked widgets

Here he thinks of changing the existed template, but the existing template gives a beautiful look. He hands refuses to delete it
Here the question Rises how to delete the locked widget of a template??
Don’t worry we are here to solve your problem, the one thing you have to do is just follow the tutorial?
It’s a little difficult task to delete the locked widgets in your blog, but it is not an impossible task
We are here to make your way simple with our simple words
Follow our steps:
--log in to your blog with your details
--click on template
--go to HTML
--search for JUMP TO WIDGET
--select the widget which you want to delete
--the code for locked widgets is like this
<b: widget id =’HTML 5’
Title=widget name
</b: widget>
--just replace true with false
--save the settings
--and it is made ready to delete
--go to your layout and just remove it
--Isn’t it easy to delete with our steps
Did the procedure is same for all templates to remove locked widgets???
The answer is no o ……
Wait don’t go away to search in google…here the answer for the above question is continued
Don’t you find the widgets in jump to widget??
Then once check for the locked widgets in HTML/java Script and they may be titled as HTML 3, HTML 5, HTML 2 etc


Follow the steps:

-->Blogger--> layout -->edit  locked  widget
-->A url is appeared look at it and remember the ID which is like this HTML 3, HTML 5, HTML 2 etc
-->Go to blog -->template-->edit HTML
-->Click on jump to widget and click on the widget which is similar to the ID you remembered
-->Check that does the title name coincide with the ID (you remembered) r not“ Title=widget name”
-->After your search is successful follow the steps which are stated above
-->Change the code Locked=true to false
-->You are done , the process is same after finding the locked widget

I hope that this is one of the useful articles to the bloggers as layout plays an important role in blog’s look
Our development depend upon your shares
Comment your valuable words